Which scarf/pointu/pochette are you wearing today?

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  1. Since I have a dearth of nautical scarves, I'm just wearing some favorites this week, all as scarf necklaces because it's so incredibly humid.

    Day to evening dressing with Chevaux de France on Monday. I changed my shoes and my skirt and I was set to go to our monthly wine dinner.

    CF 6.jpg CF 7.jpg

    A close up of the shoes - they're Valentinos :love: I think these may be my new favorite pair.

    Valentino Beige Lace tpf.jpg

    Parures des Maharajas (does anyone else have a terrible time spelling this??) and Cave Felem

    PdesM 11.jpg CF 8.jpg
  2. We are cousins on this one tango. I acquired it recently in taupe and turquoise and it quickly became a favorite. It was one of those purchases thatvi didn't think about for more than a second because both the colors and design were so stunning.
  3. Tango, your scarves are always lovely, but those Valentinos are to die for!!
  4. Love the Valentinos!
  5. Also, Hi Silksters! I missed you all, but work has left me no time to play :tdown:, but I have had fun catching up on all the posts - love all the smart styling - I really admire everyone's eye for colour. You all look beautiful! :heart:
  6. For a Winter's Day (in this part of the world right now): The Robinson Crusoe Chic! (blue colourway)
  7. Ladybaga : Thanks ! Long live the cowboy knot :smile:

    Lanit : Thank you for the compliment ! :smile:

    Sophieg: Thanks for the compliment ! The collier knot looks very pretty on you!
  8. Thank you sparklelisab, sophieg, lanit and Ladybaga for your kind words! You all made me feel warm and fuzzy! I got so much inspiration from this thread and LOVE LOVE LOVE everything! It's winter in Aus at the moment so all of my scarves can come out and play. Hopefully I will have more time next week to play with all you scarfies!
  9. Tango, your scarves and shoes are amazing, but your killer legs are even more gorgeous!!! :graucho:
  10. Good grief, here I am Nautical queen. Here's one (many more tk)


    "Vent Portant" Yannick Mannier, 1992/2003,
    again using Tuiga (the signature sailboat of the Yacht Club of Monaco. She was built in 1908 and refurbished.
  11. Wow everyone looks amazing!

    Lady B your BdH is unbelievably beautiful and looks wonderful on you! I can't believe that I've been lurking on this thread for almost 3 years now and I've never come across this design. It's quite simply divine. It's amazing that you and tango tried on the same scarf.

    Lala and Pierina I love your floating ships mousse. The colours are dreamy and Lala I love how you've tied it - always an inspiration.

    Tango your shoes look fab and I agree that you have killer legs. I love yours and Lady B's PdM scarves - I tried the black as well as the lavender cw on today and they are indeed lovely. However there were two other designs that called out even louder to me so am hoping to find time to post pics of my new beauties soon.

    I'm afraid I've been away too long to be able to comment individually on everyone's beautiful scarves. Apologies for that. You all look wonderful though and have enabled me yet again!
  12. Dear Scarfies!
    Thanks to the lovely Lady-B who reminded me of the anchor chain links and after haven taken some time off today, I'm happy to contribute this week with my 70 VS "court cirquit"!
    (from the mens dep. :lol:)
    IMG_2163K.jpg IMG_2170K.jpg
  13. I think you picked two beauties across the color spectrum: The first, soft and "glowy", and the next, bold and vibrant!
  14. Ladybaga, Oh, yes, Ballade de Heine is a favorite of mine! I missed out on the black colorway version and am kicking myself in the tushy right now!

    sparklelisab, I love your perception! Both a fantastic scarf and a fantastic mind!

    frou frou, Lovely scarves! I think we may be "twins" on the red Turandot too!

    Gosh, I'm not sure yet what my top 3 would be.... hmmmm.

    TangoTosca, I do love the stories that go along with the scarves. Thank you for sharing!

    nguyenp, Pavois is a true classic and timeless!

    lily_lv, Beautiful, nonetheless. By the way, the jumbo scarf ring does resemble one of those circular life float found on boats! (There's your nautical theme!)

    essiedub, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all of the ones you've named qualify in my book!

    sophieg, In addition to the scarf, I think both the knot and the navy are nautical!

    TankerToad, Nice photos! I always have trouble photographing mousselines as they always seem to turn invisible by my camera lens! Your bag looks stunning modeling the scarf, but where is our TT modeling photo too?
  15. Flying by for a few minutes and Pegase - what a very sublime photo of you in your Circuit silk! I am going to have to hunt for this one!:woohoo::cool::graucho:

    - great shoes and super outfits! Bring out those sail silks!

    - I LOVE this silk! What a fabulous and whimsical design. It is ringing my silk radar bells! Looks really wonderful on you.

    Jahna - and this one is super too - H does phenomenal nautical themes!

    AnHermesHabit - I really do think I need this design too - Le Robinson Chic appeals to my adventurous island side! Great photo - thanks for sharing!
    More comments to come....
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