Which scarf/pointu/pochette are you wearing today?

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  1. I asked this in the chat thread but I think it's probably better to ask here... Do you wear your long silk scarves around your neck in warm weather? If so, are there certain knot styles that you are fond of. For example, the loose cowboy style drapes too much and the frilly bow tie knot is too close my neck so they make me hotter in this 80 degree weather so I have found myself stuck to using the friendship knot.
  2. B00mbaka, gorgeous pics!!! :woohoo:

    I need to catch up :reading:! You all are looking fantastic as always!!! :heart:
  3. You turned up to work dressed like this everyday? I don't know how you do it. You're impeccably turned out and so beautifully dressed.
  4. [​IMG]
    Robee, fabulous!

    Welcome b00mbaka, lovely looks!
  5. Rose

    Thank you for your sweet words!
    boombaka, love all the colors on you, you look fab!
    robee, no wander you love the LE,this is perfect on you, black and white.
  6. boom, those scarves look sooo beautiful on you
  7. Holsby - great to see you - gorgeous scarf:tup:

    LQYB - looking fab as always:yes:

    Robee - Great E-L GM :tup:

    Gorgeous b00mbaka!! We're scarf twins :ghi5: - the Monaco SDB scarves!! I have the orange too!
  8. I am getting soooooo excited for my forthcoming trip to Venice in 11 days time I just had to wear one of my Carnevale de Venise scarves today:-
    SSCN4938a copy.jpg
  9. Boombaka-Looking great in your scarves!
    robee-Love it!
    ScarfAddict-You lucky girl!!
  10. Boombaka- love your look with the friendship knot, sometimes when its hot, Iwear my
    scarf as a belt or a top. Beautiful scarf colors!

    Robee- Girl, you are rockin that EL!! Always gorgeous!

    Scarfie- your Carnevale is looking so fab on you, and hope you will bring us some
    pics of Venice!!!
  11. Boombaka-All the above choices for your scarves are great for the summer!Other ideas are if you fold it the standard way then you make several knots on it then place it on your neck as a necklace.Someone referred to it as silk pearls,I think it was margieb.Also somewhere out there on the forum there is a how to on making your scarf into a cute bag to wear on your shoulder.Also folding it in half & knotting the 2 end pieces together then you can wear it a
  12. Then you can wear it as a bolero on your shoulder area.There are many ways & this thread you see it all!!
  13. [​IMG]
    Gorgeous, Scarf Addict... lucky you, heading to Venice. Have fun!
  14. B00mbaka, I love your scarves! Nice color! What's the name?
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