Which scarf/pointu/pochette are you wearing today?

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  1. Which scarf are you wearing today?

    I am wearing my Bolduc pochette in the brown/plum colorway with a plum gavroche ring.

    It's another nice day in NJ today, I am dressed in a white shirt (3/4 length sleeves, chocolate linen pants and chocolate pumps. Oh, and I have my white pearl earrings on.
  2. stunning as usual Rose!!!!
  3. Great thread! This could be a SCOD (scarf of the day) thread. I've got on my Champignons in the black colorway knotted around my hair. The mushrooms are very bright and match my fuschia sweater perfectly.
  4. Sounds divine HG, you wear a head wrap so beautifully.
  5. Ok......when I get to NY, can someone show me how successfully wrap a scarf around my fat head so my hair doesn't poke out and make me look like Bozo?...............please?

    Thank you.............

    Not dressed yet for the day but I'm planning my new "Jardins des Coptes" with jeans and cream sweater 'cause it freezing here........in Alaska.
  6. Rose, where are you going today that you are all dressed up? :smile: HG, I'm also wearing champignons! In my usual casual mode, today I'm wearing a sage green cotton V-neck sweater with a white T shirt underneath, jeans, sage leather Cole Haan driving mocs and my orange with white and sage champignons.
  7. :roflmfao: Taking Tallulah out for a walk around the neighborhood, food shop, school run, taking DD to ballet.... I could do it all in some grey sweats but I don't have any....
  8. The pumps threw me! Goodness knows it would take some major event to get me into a pair of pumps! LOL!! You are, as always, truly styin!
  9. I have the brown/cream "Trois Feuilles" on. I'll see if I can snap a pic in stealth a bit later.
  10. none but you all sound like you look lovely today!
  11. I got the blue/green Passsage a Tokyo yesterday and could not resist wearing it today!

    I work in a very casual office (yea!) and have on brown jeans, white shirt, blue pashmina, blue topaz Yurman earrings and blue/green Birks with my scarf. I am a bit unconventional when it comes to shoes. I am in my 50's and comfort is really important to me for shoes. So for winter it is Ugg's and for summer it is Birks. These blue/green ones are from the Heidi Klum collection. They are not a perfect match for the scarf but since there is quite a bit of distance between the two when worn, I think they work well together.


  12. Haha...I feel shamed...black lounge pants and old U of WI sweatshirt... I should wear my birkin to the market w/ flipflops to pick something up to see if I could make a "no style" thread...LOL... Well...it is still morning... No scarf...
  13. those are some shoes kallie! ;) comfort is key! i agree!
  14. I'm planning to wear my new fringe scarf tomorrow or Fri, having a very hard time figuring how to wear it (it's very long !) though.


    fringescarf.jpg fringescarf2.jpg
  15. I'm wearing my petrol blue (I think that's what it's called) Escales Mediterraenne with horn scarf ring.
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