which scarf is this??

  1. does anyone know which scarf it is and if it's still available? thanks!
  2. is that the capri scarf?
  3. i *think* it is the lurex monogram scarf on the lv website in beige, ashley tisdale has been seen with it in black....
  4. i know im double posting but here is ashley tis with the potentially same scarf from the celebrity thread
  5. I think this one is denim shawl in blue
  6. Love Vanessa's scarf! Is it the monogram shawl in beige or the monogram lurex shawl in beige?
  7. a few memebers confirmed in the celebrity thread the scarf Ashley Tis is wearing is the denim scarf NOT lurex. not sure what Vanessa is wearing.
  8. oh no... i love vanessa's scarf though...
  9. I bought the scarf Ashely is wearing..its the black monogram denim Chale. Love it!
  10. I agree! It is indeed the DENIM!:yes:

    As for Vanessa's, it's the MONOGRAM SHAWL in EITHER BEIGE or CHAMPAGNE (can't tell because the two colours are quite similar and the lighting plays a role too). I already answered this in the celebrity thread.

    The one I'm wearing below is the Champagne one.