Which satchel? Revealed, Turner or Mini Avalon

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  1. Hello ladies!
    Looking for any input, pros vs. cons, opinions from any of the three above satchel owners. Can any of them fit over the shoulder without the extra strap, do they all have the extra strap? Any advice would be much appreciated!
  2. All of the above come with extra shoulder strap. I own the mini avalon, and the handles themselves fit comfortably over the shoulder even during winter time when I wear heavier clothes. I consider my mini avalon to be the most comfortable bag to carry on the shoulder. I believe Revealed and Turner are the same,too.
  3. I have the Turner and it fits a TON. I can fit my netbook and a small notebook plus all my regular stuff in there easily. I took the long strap off because the shorter ones fit just fine. It's actually pretty comfortable with the shorter handles and the bag isn't right up in my armpit. It's a big bag, but I LOVE it! I have the black one and it's getting nice and smooshy too!
  4. Thanks so much ladies! Now I have to make a decision.....
  5. Hi lucybelle! I have the revealed from nordies-although it goes by "bare revealed" as opposed to just "revealed". Mine did not come with a shoulder strap (I asked about this in another thread, but I was chatty in my post so I'm sure that my observation/question I had may have been overlooked). So, just wanted to warn you about the lack of a shoulder strap (@ least from the version sold @ nordies). The colors that were available through nordies (since IDK if any of the other retailers have the same colors) were: Army (like an olive green), Bordeaux (a wine-y color....a beaut!) Luggage (a very light brown/caramel/cognac-like color), black (which I own, and looks more charcoal-y to me), and silver (which was more fabric-like as opposed to leather?). I hope I didn't miss a color.....! Good luck w ur decision!

    P.S.-I was just @ my local nordies (Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, CA) and saw the bare revealed on the sale table. I believe retail was $595.....it's now $394 (give or take a dollar & some change)-the colors I saw were: army and the silver (although all of the colors could also be on sale as well......I didn't ask). I'm sure if you call that particular location they can sell you what they have on hand, or @ the very least look to see if another Nordies has it!