Which Sandstone style should I get?

  1. I have a chance to get either a Sandstone First, Part Time or Work. I am really leaning toward the Work since I don't have that style yet but do you think it's too light for such a big bag? Will it get dirty fast? Let me know your thoughts!
  2. Well as you know I am all for getting a Sandstone Work.
    But the PART TIME is such a good size also! It's almost the same dimension as the Work without looking too bulky.

    So it's between PART TIME and WORK for me.

    But haven't you always wanted a WORK size?
  3. :nuts: I vote Part Time!! Part Time!!!

    I think Sandstone looks gorgeous on a Part Time bag!! :drool: (I'm biased though.)
  4. Yes, so that's why I am 99% sure the Work is what I will get. I just wanted to ask everyone's opinions on whether it will get dirty too fast with it being a bigger bag.
  5. I don't see the Work in your list so why not the Work unless you prefer the bag with strap.:smile:
  6. ^
    Yeah, I'm worried about that, too. I purchased the LMB products so hopefully they will help prevent the rubbing and the handles for getting too dirty easily.
  7. I love the PT and the Work. Of course, the advantage to the PT is the shoulder strap and you can wear it messenger, if you like that look. I vote for PT.
  8. I was going to say First, because I've seen those IRL and they're totally beautiful. But I love the photos of Incoralblue's new Work -- so I say go for the Work!
  9. Work!
  10. Yeah, let's post some pics so people can help you decide...


  11. Part time! The work would be awesome too, but I love the versatility of the Part time.
  12. i like both work and PT...so strap or no strap is the question. :yes:
  13. it would be first for me:wlae: that's just my favorite style.
  14. I think a Sandstone Work would be beautiful, MRG:yes:

    Incoralblue, your Work is TDF!:love: Congrats!:flowers:
  15. My vote goes to TWIGGY!