Which Saleya MM??

  1. Do you prefer it in Azur or Ebene? Which one is more casual and goes better with jeans and tees? Thanks
  2. I have a saleya in both and I think I like the Azur more.
  3. That bag i prefer in azur. Think it is a great nice weather bag
  4. Ebene for me! It's classy and a every-year-bag.
  5. Azur for the Saleya MM.
  6. definitely azur!
  7. Depends what you want to use it for; I like Azur for casual, fun summer/spring outings, but Ebene is a workhorse, you could use it in all weather, for work, etc.! I do think the Ebene can be more dressed up though.
  8. i think i like the azur more..so fresh looking
  9. i love the azur but personally i love the gm as it has the front zip.. i think it just adds a litte more....somthing
  10. Get the Azur !!!:love:
  11. I had the same problem deciding, but after trying them both on i prefer the MM size in azur. I am going to use it as my sprin/summer tote.
  12. The shape of saleya is made for Azur! I love azur.
  13. I think the Ebene is more practical!
  14. Definitely Azur! I love Ebene but Saleya MM looks so good in Azur!
  15. Vote for Ebene