Which Saks carry LV?

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  1. Does anyone know?? My local Saks does not carry LV & I'd like to spend my gift card on an LV. TIA!
  2. the one in Manhattan, NY does :yes:
  3. If you go to the LV website, they will tell you.
  4. thanks girls
  5. The Saks in Cincinnati, OH, carries LV.
  6. The Saks in Raleigh, NC has a LV.
  7. Saks in columbus
  8. Damn it blackbutterfly! Stop making your avitar hot pics of The Rock! I can't handle it! :graucho: ;)

    .....getting my composure back:upsidedown:.........someone ask a question..........oh, thats right, the Saks in Phoenix, AZ has LV.
  9. Saks in Chevy Chase, MD
  10. Saks in Boca Raton, FL
  11. Saks in Las Vegas Fashion Mall
  12. The SFA in the Dallas Galleria does as well ;)
  13. in Orlando, Fla!! :yes:

    1-407-816-1442 *their direct#*
  14. i knew you'd like that! ;):graucho:
  15. look in the current LV catalog and it will show which states have it in saks.
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