Which Saks carry Balenciaga?

  1. Trying to find an Ink Twiggy and haven't had any luck at Bal NY, NM or Aloharag
  2. Did you try Barneys? The BH store had ink bags the last time I was in...unsure of style though...
  3. ooh thanks let me try there
  4. Barney's in Manhasset, Long Island has a good size collection of Bbags. Also, the Saks in Greenwich, CT carries Bbags. Good luck!
  5. Does anyone know if the Saks @ riverside sq mall in hackensack carries balenciaga?
  6. Thanks everyone. Think I'm going to keep the ink box and hope the marron brown is nice in the twiggy.

    And btw, Saks at Riverside Sq. does not carry Balenicaga nor does NYC
  7. Barneys chicago had a lot of ink the last time I was there.