Which Saint Laurent bag???

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  1. I just bought the new ysl Cassandra in Burgundy but I'm not sure if I made the right choice (it hasn't arrived yet). I wonder if I should have bought the red sunset in grained leather instead. I'm early 30s and have so far only bought my designer bags in black, beige, grey and one in grey-toned khaki. I wanted a nudey pink bag next but couldn't find the right one so figured I'll wait and get the beige chanel next spring. In the mean time I was choosing between the red sunset with leather strap and the Burgundy Cassandra with the twist clasp. I went with Burgundy as it seemed more muted. Did I make the right choice?! Oh also I'm moving to a hot country next year - I don't know if that should influence my decision!?
  2. The one on the right! I love the overall look over the one on the left
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  3. The YSL Cassandra Clasp in the right looks so stunning and chic!
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  4. The one on the right is gorgeous! You can definitely wear it day/night
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  5. Thanks everyone!!