Which Sahara should I choose?


Which Sahara?

  1. Weekender RH

  2. Day SGH

  3. City SGH

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Most of you know how much I love a big bag! I am still so in love with my VD Weekender and I do love the RH too.

    However, I am always the first one to say in posts that you must have at least one GH bag in your collection...So why am I hesitating?

    Here are my choices:

    Sahara RH Weekender - travel (not so much lately) and gym bag

    Sahara SGH Day - not sure how a GH Day will look on me

    Sahara SGH City - will cost me over retail (is it worth it?)
  2. I personally love the size of a city bag. And the SGH looks great with the sahara color. :tup:
    Let us know what you choose.
  3. weekender Rh!
    Love the size and the rhs!
  4. I personally think the Sahara is gorgeous with SGH. It looks just as good with GGH but somehow the SGH just makes me catch my breath and take a second look. I have thought about getting Sahara RH for the weight factor but I just wouldn't love the bag as much.

    Are you hesitating because of the weight or the bling factor? How about SGH Work? SGH Day would look great and feel great, what about colour transfer from rubbing on denim jeans?
  5. I think I am hesitating because of the bling factor moreso...I am with Phebe so far (we have very similar taste), I am leaning towards the RH Weekender...
  6. i voted for the Day GSH. i personally would choose a darker colour for a WE. colours like black and browns.
  7. I :heart: the Sahara color and I really do love it with the GH.
    I'm not a big fan of the Day bags, so my vote is for CITY!
    Whatever you decide, it will be GORGEOUS on you!:tup:
  8. You love your RH VD Weekender. Shows that you can handle light bag very well & you really like that size. BUT since you travel less now & maybe want your VD to still be your ultimate love. Maybe you should get a Day or the City? I think Sahara esp with SGH would make a gorgeous casual bag so a Day is a good choice. BUT I also think if you are considering the city(tho it is over retail), maybe deep inside you do love it lots & even more than a Day. Sorry it is a toss between the 2 for me. If money is not so much a factor, then a City coz it's my first love! Yes I know it is cheesy!!!
  9. I voted for the GSH City. I really love this combo and think it would be perfect for summer. It's just a beautiful bag. I would really hate for you to pay over retail for it though. Do you think that you could wait and find it for the retail price?
  10. RH Weekender!
  11. I have a GSH Sahara City on its way to me so I'm kind of biased....It is a BEAUTIFUL bag! :heart:
  12. i dont dig GH :p it's not for me, personally. and i cant remember... but was it you who said you live on the beach so GH might not suit your lifestyle?

    i say go for the RH weekender, esp if you love that style :yes: dont feel as though you NEED to own at least one GH bag! that's not the case at all! heck, some gals here have a collection of black RH bags in all shapes and sizes... it's all about what works for you and your lifestyle :biggrin:
  13. I love the day bag, but I think in Sahara, the city SGH is much more... luxurious looking, I guess is the best way to put it.
  14. RH weekender- you know you want it, girl!!! he he
  15. As much as I love GH on others, personally I will vote for Sahara RH Weekender..*and this is because I am still under the impression how well you rock your gorgeous VD Weekender :nuts: