Which rouge is this?!

  1. Hi!

    Was wondering if you guys can tell me which rouge is this bag .. i think it's vermillion but not sure .. TIA
  2. I guess you don't know what season/year it is from? It could be Tomato or Rouge Vermillion. Doesn't look like Rouge vif - but then again, I'm no expert! ;)
  3. it's not tomato cos i got it back in jan .. i lost the paper tag and it doesn't have a silver tag inside :sad:

    thanks .. i think it's vermillion after looking at your city pics! :smile:
  4. To me, Vif, Vermillion & Tomato all look so similar that it's really hard to tell them apart in photos...
  5. look vermillion to me ;)
  6. Thanks everyone for taking the time :smile:

    Andy_Sach i must say i LOVE your collection of reds!

    went to Balenciaga today and compared it and made sure its Vermillion .. i also found a rouge vif toilet which i couldnt leave and had to take home with me :p
  7. What does VIF stand for? *hugs*
  8. Hi, VW!

    'Vif' is the French word for 'lively' or 'alive'. I've got a lovely Rouge Vif City which I just love to bits. It's got fantastic leather and is such a wonderful colour. Wouldn't be without it. It looks great in the autumn with greys and blacks.