Which rose gold watch - Daytona or Ballon Bleu???

  1. This is what I heard and meant as well. If you buy a watch in RG, would you not want it to stay that way instead of turning YG.... I know I would. If it was my choice, I would prefer WG with diamonds in Ballon over RG. My current collection consists of all Cartier watches after all ( Tank Americaine w/ diamonds in YG and Tank Francaise w/diamonds in WG). I used to have a WG Panther as well that I loved to death and wore a lot, but had since sold it. I need to make some way for a couple of Rolexes!!!
  2. It definitely was the last thing I would expect from a high-end designer watch, especially Cartier!
    I can only relate it to buying a new red car and watching it slowly turn to blue while parked in the driveway! :wtf:
  3. I could not believe it when I read it!!! I wonder what the reaction of sa is going to be if you were to bring it back?
  4. Well, I did take the watch back last week to the original jeweler where it was purchased. My SA brought out a new RG Ballon Bleu from the display case and it was very apparent that mine had changed quite a bit. She told me that she has sold many RG Ballon Bleus and, this is the first time she has seen anything like this (not sure if I believe it). She said that I'm the first to have brought their RG Ballon back. I think that this may be happening to more BBs than just mine. Maybe, I'm just very perceptive and have been noticing a change in the colour over the past year and a half, where, other owners of the same watch haven't noticed it....it happens very gradually.

    My SA has sent my watch to Cartier for an inspection. As it stands now, I'm waiting to hear back from her.

    Oh, thanks for your posts on the 'celebrity watch' thread. Great eye candy!!
  5. daytona definitely ! i think it's stunning !
  6. Your is not the first this has happened too, a store in Beverly Hills I frequent, told me about this happening. And actually showed me a watch, that had as they called it, had "mellowed":wtf:
  7. Are the prices of the 2 comparable? I'm wondering if 40mm is too big. No one responded to my ? about price of ss Daytona. I think it is around $11,000. Someday........
  8. I knew I couldn't be the only one. Love to know what they did for that client. Mellowed?...what are they thinking?? I think more like 'ruined'.

    OP...on a happier note, truly enjoy your time trying on as many rose golds as possible and can't wait to hear what you've decided!
  9. both are good, but nowdays i'm gushing for a daytona!
  10. Rosegold rolex...but the day/date or President. :smile:
  11. My pleasure, you are too kind. Keep us posted as to what happens next with your watch. The situation is just so odd!
  12. I think the SS Daytona is around $12,000. I'm not sure the exact cost of the Rose Gold Daytona but the BB w/diamond bezel is over $42,000. I would think the Rolex is a bit less.
  13. ^ last time I checke RG Daytona was around $28,000.
  14. My Rolex AD told me prices are going up roughly 8% this Monday. So make a choice soon so you can save some!!
  15. Oooohhhh RG Daytona in a heartbeat. My UHG!
    Such a gorgeous watch.