Which Rose Gold Piece Under $1000

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  1. Hello everyone! My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and my boyfriend and mom have decided to let me pick out something in rose gold from Tiffany. ( so lucky and excited! ) I only own SS pieces with the exception of one YG. I am turning 20 so I want something young feeling but still something I can wear for years to come. DBF likes the key on the oval link chain and so does my mom :smile: but I also like the initial S pendant and the rose gold DBTY .14

    Let me know which one you prefer or if you have another favorite rose gold piece.
  2. I would suggest the key. It is beautiful and timeless. I own it and I love it.
  3. I have a key on that same chain (but in YG). I love it and wear it all the time. It's perfect for jeans and a t-shirt or work attire. Good luck!
  4. I would pick the DBTY. My second choice would be the key. I think the Tiffany T smile necklace in RG is lovely too.
  5. Dbty def.
  6. DBTY for sure so classic and timeless.....then key.
  7. Diamond necklace.

  8. I had thought about the smile necklace! Oh decisions decisions...
  9. I would do the DBTY. I do love the T Smile necklace too though since it was mentioned.
  10. Have any of you had problems with DBTY holding up? Is it sturdy enough for everyday wear?
  11. I wear my DBTY platinum and RG bracelets 247, no problem so far.
  12. I would go with DBTY. It is a piece to wear 24/7. The key is also nice and will have sentimental attachment. My DD has the key but does not wear it frequently, she does reach for the diamond pendant more on a daily basis. I would also suggest looking at Brain Gavin if you decide DBTY. You would get a bigger diamond for your $ and the quality looks identical in my opinion. I bought a DBTY from him and then a DBTY bracelet, too and hardly ever take them off.
  13. DBTY gets my vote! Its such a lovely piece and it will never go out of style. After that I like all the pieces.

    I have a DBTY in platinum. I don't wear it every day but I wear it a lot. It is stunning and is very comfortable. Never regret buying that piece that is for sure.

    oh and ...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope its a special day.
  14. I agree, if you go with DBTY, I would look into Brian Gavin as well.

    If you stick with Tiffany, have you considered the rose gold bean or open heart?
  15. Never been a huge fan of the bean, but I do have the open heart SS bracelet!
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