Which Rolex should I get??

  1. Hi ladies,
    I know some of you guys are expert here on Rolex watches. Which one do you think I should get? Also, do you guys have these??? if so, how u like yours and what are the pros and cons??? thx
    Also, are watch #1 and #2 the same? except the color of the face?? thx...if so, i'm contemplating which color face I should get..plz help!! thx

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  2. I personally prefer #2 the best. I like the lighter color dial. I think its more feminine and I used to wear a black faced Moavdo that would show smudges since the black seems to show every spot on the crystal more then a lighter colored face. I just got a Rolex lady datejust in with diamond mother of pearl dial and I LOVE IT! I posted pics in a post recently:smile: I also prefer the jubliee bracelet as opposed to the osyter, I find the jubilee more delicate and classic while the oyster is definitly a more sporty masculine look. I also went with the jubilee since I have a very small wrist and the oyster was just far too chunky on me(the jubilee even looks pretty chunky on me but in a good way). Whatever you choose a rolex is definitly a GREAT choice!!
  3. chane-girl: thanx for the info..and I did see your diamond oyster rolex watch..it is DEFINITELY Beautiful :smile: i'm still new to rolex.....so could you explain/educate me on the bracelet...is the 1st one called jubliee and the conedone one is called oyster????? plz let me know... thsx :smile:
  4. I like 2 the best. I'm not a fan of black faces.
  5. I like #2 the best...looks very classic, although if you want to go for an edgier look, I'd go with #1.
  6. i like #2 as well
  7. #2!!!
  8. I like #2
  9. #2 !
  10. Either # 2 or #3 with a white face. Have fun with your search!

  11. The bracelet on 1 and 2nd is called the Jubilee. The 3rd is called the Oyster. I did a search on here for Rolex and there was a thread about which Rolex bracelet the ladies on here prefer. A lot of women seem to really love the midsize with the Oyster bracelet although a lot of women still like the classic Jubilee bracelet. It is definitly a personal preference. Take look at the thread on here about the Rolex's that ladies have which has a lot of great pics of different models. Although in 2006 Rolex changed the Jubilee bracelet and made the case slightly chunkier(along with a big price increase...) Definitly go to an authorized Rolex deal to try some on yourself as thats really the very best way to see what you like best and what fits your wrist, style..etc, best
  12. I have #2 and I loooooove it! Can't go wrong either way - definitely see if you can get a chance to try them on to see what you like best in person. It's a personal preference!

    Good luck and post pics when you get your Rolex!
  13. I love #2 - thats the one I have :smile:
  14. i like number 2.
  15. keep us posted on what you decide :smile: