Which rolex looks better on me? Please help me choose

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  1. #31 Jun 5, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2016
    I have been trying on Rolex watches lately, I have it narrowed down and I too, like you, have one in my mind that has been a standout for years. . I noticed that one I tried in particular seemed to be ' too boring' when I looked down at it over and over again. I then realized maybe it was because I am used to looking down at something very different (J12, diamond markers, 38mm), so maybe when you look down at #2 you are experiencing a similar situation, maybe #1 is 'brighter' simply due to the face coloration, maybe it seems busier to you and maybe more familiar. .
    Ps. You really can't go wrong with either, I love #2 more, the photo is darker, however, thus appearing duller than it may be - go with your heart, get what you love and don't overthink it.
  2. By the way I forgot to say congrats on your anniversary and omg what an awesome 5th year present! You're so lucky. I'm pretty sure I got Tory Burch sandals from my hubby for our 5th! Lol! Bless him.. We were still saving hard back then.

    Wear your new watch in good health!
  3. I like white MOP
  4. I like the bmop...I think it's more distinctive
  5. I actually really like rose gold on you!
  6. definitely the rose gold one, was never a huge fan of 2 toned watches, some brands tend to pull it off with the design though.
  7. I actually like the RG more than YG on you. I think what causes the RG to "fade" into your skin tone is actually the colour of the dial. Have you considered/ tried RG with other colour dials like the MOP instead of BMOP?
  8. I love the rose gold with the bmop better, it is lovely. I have a 31 midsize with rose gold and stainless steele with the chocolate face and scattered diamond bezel. Love it.
  9. they are both beautiful! i think more people are choosing the rose gold cuz the picture u took is better/clearer of it, the first one is floou.
  10. I like this first but I love 2tone and I really do not like rose gold.
  11. i prefer the rose gold, looks very unique
  12. I think Rose Gold looks great on your wrist.
  13. Congratulations :smile:
    I love the rose gold on you way more :smile:
  14. Rose gold! Yes, it looks stunning. Good for you!