Which rolex looks better on me? Please help me choose

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  1. I prefer the 2nd one... bmop. :smile:
    looks good on you!
  2. I agree with MatAllston!
  3. I prefer the yellow gold on you. To me, it's most classic and will remain so. It looks fabulous with your skin tone and will complement your other jewelry too, I'd think, unless you wear rose gold.
  4. I like the first one better, with the yellow gold and white MOP. I am not a fan of rose gold on myself for the very reasons you stated (blends in, brings out the red in my skin). Your skin tone is prettier than mine (think pink and slightly freckly...ugh), so you pull off the rose gold much better than I could, though!

    Did you see the watch that hammerofdawn suggested? Maybe that would be a compromise. I also agree that you should consider how the watch will complement your other jewelry.

    What a fun dilemma! Enjoy! :smile:
  5. Yellow gold
  6. +1
  7. The first one
  8. I didn't read the whole thread but based on your first post, I like the second photo (black MOP).

    Having said that, I can also sense you are not completely thrilled with either. Why not look at other combos of metals and dials/faces and even sizes? Why limit yourself to two choices that you seem to not be convinced of.

    Rolex has so many combos. Try as many as you can, even the ones that don't appeal to you at first.. Then see which one makes your heart sing.

    It would be much better if it were you saying, "I love these two so much! I can't chose! Help?" That kind of post!

    Edit: I mentioned sizes because honestly I think you'd rock a bigger size more. Check them out. I have two Rollies. I wear the bigger more too and my wrist is small.
  9. Love the first one on you.
  10. The rose gold with black mop is absolutely gorgeous! I would definitely look at a 31mm rather than a 26 though if it were me.

  11. Thank u so much for ur input! I currently have ballon bleun in the medium size and i wanted something smaller!

    And the funny thing is what makes my heart sing when i look at the watch is the number two
    But when its on me, i kind of gravitate towards yellow gold combi + meteorite!!!

    Ahhhhh i wish i could just get both!!
  12. My wedding set is platinum! So i should go with number 2? S
  13. My wedding set is white gold and I use my all-yellow rolex more. I like mixing and matching my jewelry. I use white and yellow gold together all the time to use two tone.

    Anyway my point is, you don't necessarily need to match your watch to your ring. If they don't match (and if it bothers you) then get more of the color jewelry you lack and add a separate bracelet to your wrist [emoji13]

    Go with the watch YOU like most.

    I like number 2 (black MOP) more like I said earlier. To me it looks classy and rare and subdued yet has impact. The first watch is nice, yes, but to me looks more casual because it's so light and two toned. Yes it looks "brighter" but that's what makes it more casual IMO. In other words I feel that the first is definitely more common as an everyday watch.

    Finally, i really feel you should always go with your "first choice" (this case the black MOP). The one you always have in mind will haunt you if you don't get it. Haha. Know what I mean? If you don't get a black MOP now, you will most likely get it years later. [emoji16]
  14. Second one.

  15. Thank you so so much!!!!

    You are so correct. I have wantwd that combo ever since I was in high school!

    Gonna stick to it!!!!!!!!!