Which rolex looks better on me? Please help me choose

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  1. My hubby and I are looking at Rolex as our 5th anniversary gift

    I always thought I wanted rose gold combi + BMOP but when went to the store and tried it on, rose gold kind of disappeared on my skin and brought out all the redness on my skin.

    And when i tried on yellow gold combi with White mother of pearl, it stud out way more and made my arm look brighter? (If that makes sense)

    So now im super super torn out since i thought yellow gold looked better on mature ladies.
    Im going to be 26 in two months so i dont want to look tooo mature you know?

    And another dilemma is that I wanted BMOP..
    It looks so amazing when it changes color and such. If i end up going with a white face, then i would go for meteorite.

    What is your opinion ladies?

    Sorry about the difference in lighting in these pictures! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465058975.667551.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465058984.802541.jpg
  2. I prefer the rose/ MOP
  3. I prefer the rose and BMOP too.
  4. Congratulations with your date!
    I like BMOP on you more. Is it 31mm?
  5. Really? Im so shocked! I thought yellow gold looked better.... Its 26!
  6. My initial reaction was yellow gold until I saw the pictures. Absolutely , without a doubt, the rose gold with bmop face. Beyond stunning. Now I want one!
  7. Definitely yg and White mop!!
  8. Maybe

  9. The RG does seem to blend in with your skin tone (I don't see red though) and the BMOP face to me blends with your skin also. But my eye gravitated more to the RG watch and I slowly looked at the first picture of the gold and then slowly scrolled to the rose gold. Both are beautiful, but even just now scrolling back up, I like the RG with BMOP. Have fun deciding.
  10. Thanks ladies!!! So I guess its better to choose something that blends with ur skintone? I thought we had to choose something that stood out more! Lol yes definitely the rose blended in with my skin... Hm.... How about rose gold with
  11. I like the first best, it stands out more on your skin tone.

  12. Are you sure about size of the watch? its kind of small..Did you check 31mm?
    I have 26, 31 and 36mm and wear the biggest most (I have a small wrists)
    Now I'm trying to sell my 26mm and its really hard as this size is not popular anymore.
  13. The rose looks great with your skin tone!
  14. The rose looks better in pics! But I know sometimes it doesn't look the same IRL
  15. Both are lovely but I prefer the RG/BMOP on you. I think the BMOP is so unique and it's harder to come by. The diamonds stand out more against the BMOP. I have been thinking about getting one for myself but I already have two Rolex watches.

    What metal are your wedding band and e ring? If they are YG, the YG Rolex will go nicely with your set. If your have WG or platinum, the RG Rolex would go nicely.

    Have fun deciding and congrats on your anniversary.