Which Rogue?

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  1. image.png image.png I'm suddenly wanting a Rogue ever since my SA said you can tuck the short handles inside. I was initially considering the olive because I really like that color. But then I thought, if I'm going to splurge, why not go all the way?

    My SA said her boss had seen the patchwork one and it is stunning in person. I've never been into patchwork because I thought it looked like a bag they used leftover pieces of scrap leather on. But I do love the colors in the Coach patchwork leather. Also love the rivets. Which do you like better?
  2. I like the colors on the patchwork. I think normally I would not choose that but the colors work and it's different. The rivets are classic and safer? Both are beautiful! This is tough.
  3. The rivets! Love!!!

    I call it collecting!
  4. Rivets!!
  5. rivets! I have the 36 whiplash rivets bag and I love it.
  6. Rivets!
  7. Rivets!
  8. I really love both of these, however, I know I would tire of the patchwork after one season. It's very trendy, but, oh, so gorgeous. The rivets is just stunning.

    My vote goes to Rivets.....:yes::love:
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  9. Thank you everyone for your input. I want something that I won't get tired of after awhile. As different as the patchwork is, sounds like the rivets is the way to go. :smile:
  10. Rivets! I'm just more drawn more towards it. Both are gorgeous though.
  11. another for rivets, and there are also rivets on the bottom of fringe, that is how much Coach has thought about it
  12. Rivets!
  13. I also have the whiplash rivets rogue from Nordstrom and it is fabulous!! Rivets all the way!!
  14. Like all the others, I vote rivets! That's just one hot bag.
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