Which Rockie? Black RG pebbled or Latte RG pebbled?

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  1. Hello Ladies!!!

    I'm having difficulty deciding which colour to get - the latte colour with rose gold hardware or the black with rose gold hardware?

    Both are pebbled leather and the latte is ~$50 more.

    Also - how often do Rockies go on sale? I've seen them price drop like crazy on SSENSE.com and Holts (coloured ones - Green/Vine was down to like $550) - I'm getting it with the Holts gift card event so $75 back on a gift card and it ends today.

    Thanks in advanced!
  2. I love the latte rose gold combo together I would vote for that. They are so pretty. That being said, I'm to scared to buy a lighter color and I have the black rocco.

  3. Thanks for the response ! Which to you think is more wearable?
  4. Ugh. I think they are both basic classic colors that go with everything. I see why you are debating over it.
  5. Maybe someone else can give input. I'm clearly no help. LOL
  6. The only thing I would be worried about with latte color is possible color transfer especially if you wear jeans. I think the latte is a great color for spring and summer but the black is more an all year round color and the rose gold is enough to give it some pop.
  7. I agree I would worry about the color. If u want it to be an everyday bag I would go with black.
  8. Both are beautiful and as most people mention, color transfer is something to worry about for lighter colored bags. I personally like black and rose gold because it'll be easier to take of without so much stressing over the possibility of color transfer.
  9. Agree about color transfer.. So I'd choose black. And yeah, only the seasonal colors go on sale like crazy.
  10. I'm going through the same debate but in the Rocco style! What did you decide? I'm leaning toward the black (even though I have a ton of black bags) just because I think it'll be more versatile.
  11. Hello All!

    I ended up getting the latte / rose gold rockie ^_^!

    While I still love the black/rose gold combination - I didn't want to justify another black bag purchase. Within the last year and a half I bought a black Marc Jacob Fulton (which is quite similar to the rockie in some aspects minus the studs - having both shoulder and top handle straps), a black rebecca minkoff mini mac, and a black patent Chanel WOC.

    I originally wanted the latte when I first saw it but was scared of colour transfer (like everyone here) and I definitely wanted something with the unique rose gold hardware but like how the Chanel sales associate told me when I wanted to return a gifted red Lambskin mini flap - designer things are meant to be enjoyed and not to be so scared. I'll take as much precautions as I can - ie spraying it and such, but trying both bags on in person really helped me decide. Plus the SA at Holts also could tell I preferred the latte muted colour opposed to the harsh black. Other factor is if I do decide to change my mind later - the sales associate told me that the black / rose gold is a permanent collection handbag and if any buyers remorse happens I can sell the latte for the black./ rose gold one too.

    Thank you all for your help!

  12. Oh I loved the Rocco to begin with and have been pinning after that bag for years! But way to big and heavy for me. I originally wanted the latte last year but it sold out on ssense last year. So in a sense it was the "one that got away". But check my post above for my reasoning :smile:! Personally, although the black is versatile and does show colour transfer (hence less worrisome) - I feel the latte is just as versatile as it is a neutral colour. And I also have a black mj Fulton that's quite similar. Plus side is that the latte is not as common as the black - my friends who have Rockies all got the black one and when I see strangers I usually see the black one. I've only seen one other have the latte in public.

    However that is my personal opinion! Which do you prefer?
  13. Congrats, I am sure its a lovely bag. Any pictures btw? I like the fact that you wanted something different. I am looking to get my first rockie soon but however i do want the black one but, with nickel hardware since I have never seen anyone carry or reveal one here that has the black with nickel.
  14. Cant wait to see your new latte! Congrats
  15. Congrats on your new bag! I plan on getting the rocco in latte with rose gold later this spring. Yes, color transfer is an issue, but I love the color combination so much that I just have to live with it :P