Which Rock Republic Skinny Jeans?

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  1. Has anyone seen or own Rock Republic Berlin Skinny Jeans?
    Nordstrom near me doesn't carry them yet, only online. I'm a size25
    Are these really tight on the calves? Nordstrom.com says it's 13" but revolve says 12"....

    Which do you guys like better?
    1. $215 (distressed lucky wash)

    2. $180


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  2. Depends on the size of your calves. I wear a 25 in Rock and Republic and I have muscular calves. They're a bit snug but not unbearable... they can at least make it up my legs! I vote for wash number 2.
  3. I like #2. Also as a little tidbit, I saw many pairs of rock and republic jeans at my marshalls last week for $100. Browse a bit, the retail is high.
  4. #2 definitely! love the dark wash.
  5. # 2 for sure ... I am also size 25 , but most of my R&R ( skinny) are not very tight on calves , but that up to the body, I think.
  6. R&R are VERY tight on the calves. ESPECIALLY Berlin.

    You should visit HonestForum.com

    THere is a TON of good info there.
  7. the dark wash is wonderful!
  8. I just bought the distressed ones, and I sized down for them. It's hard for me to find skinny jeans that are actually skinny enough on my calves though. I love these.
  9. I prefer darker washes but I love the distressing on the first pair!
  10. They are both really nice jeans but I prefer the second ones!! I love the design on the pockets!
  11. I'm voting for #2, but both are awesome!
  12. number 1.. im not a fan of the old R's
  13. I have a pair of berlins and I had to go TTS, and it took a couple wears for it to stretch perfectly. But after that they felt great :smile: And yeah, they were pretty tight on the calves - I had 2 lines going down my inner thighs from the inseam! But now they're a tad loose. I like the first pair better.
  14. I prefer #2.