Which Rocco to choose - nubuck camel or black iridescent?

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  1. I'm so excited - I'm about to buy my first Rocco! :biggrin: I got two on sale because I couldn't decide from what they looked like online... Oh, by the way, I've never owned such an expensive bag before, so maybe I'm somehow EXTRA nervous about buying one... ;)

    OK, here we go:
    First up is the Nubuck version in Camel with gold studs. I'll try and add a modelling pic in a second...

    The other one is black leather with iridescent studs.

    They're just so different that I'd love to keep both! ;)

    Now, for the things worrying me: With spring coming up, I see myself with the Nubuck version. But then again I'm afraid I'll ruin it somehow (jeans color rubbing off, the leather darkening etc.), which is probably not going to happen with the black one. But then of course it's... black. Boring, dark black. Or was it classy, goes-with-everything black? ;)

    Arrrgh, please help, ladies! :smile:

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  2. I don't have a modeling pic of the black one yet, so I'll just include a standard one:

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  3. If you can keep both do so, they are so cute. But if you can keep only one i would say keep the black one, ive had light colored roccos and rockies, and i end up selling them, because i love to wear jeans and I get color transfer on them. If you want to compromise to baby your lighter color rocco then you can make it work...i know i could not lol. And i dont think the iridescent rocco is boring, the colored studs make it super fun :smile:
  4. Black.... Color transfer can be such a pain with the lighter versions.
  5. Personally, I would keep the camel one, because I think the color is gorgeous with the gold studs. Yes, the black is "safer", but if I was to buy a black rocco, it would have been with silver studs.

    But, I do own some lighter bags, and yes, it bothers me that I have to think about color transfer, and choose clothes that will not transfer. So if you're keeping just one of them, black is maybe a better choice because you can use it with everything without worry.
  6. First of all, thank you so much for your help! I wear jeans all the time (see pic above! :P), so the color transfer would definitely be a problem. Off the top of my head, I can't even think of any clothes in my wardrobe that would be 'safe' to go with the camel one. ONE white pair of jeans maybe... But the bag is just so pretty! *sighs*

    How bad do these color transfers usually get? Does it look really bad or just... not as good as before? :-/

    @Glamnatic I believe my husband's going to kill me if I keep both. ;)
  7. @Heaviestmatter: I know, I'm not entirely convinced by the iridescent studs either... But there's no way I can afford a full-priced Rocco, so it has to be one of these two... or none. :sad:
  8. Black/ Iridescent all the way!!!!

    First off, you look amazing with a Rocco. The style really suits you well.

    I have the black/ iridescent Rockie and adore it. It's not just another black bag because the leather is matte, which you don't see often and the studs are stunning, they go with everything! The leather is super durable too. I've been in the rain and snow with mine and it looks brand new.

    Good luck with your decision! :flowers:
  9. Thank you so much!! @TaraP :smile: :smile:
    Do you happen to know if the leather on the Rocco is the same as on the Rockie? I've read something about quality differences, I think... :confused1:

  10. In case of the black with iridescent, the leather looks exactly the same. I have a green rockie, and mine has a softer leather, not the stiffer pebbled one (see my reveal-thread rockie and trifold if you want pics). I have used my rockie all the time since I bought it, it is a great bag.
  11. Yes, it's the same. AW calls it Rubberized leather. I so wish he would make more of it in different colors. But right now all there is, is the Black/ iridescent combo.

  12. Is keeping both an option?

    I love my matte/iridescent Rocco and have used it everyday since I got it in December. But spring/summer your gonna need something lighter.

    Nubuck is high maintenance but imagine how good that will look with a spring/summer outfit. Whenever I buy something suede or high maintence I do a protectant spray (not sure if that works for nubuck) and I'm very aware to always carry it with the same side out and the same side against my body. It's just a habit I've developed over the years.

    I just ordered a white prisma tote and all I can think about is how crisp and clean it will look when I transition to my spring/summer wardrobe.
  13. Unfortunately, keeping both is impossible. I can only afford one :sad:
    @sunnysideup8283 I totally agree, I bet the nubuck will look amazing with a spring outfit! :biggrin: Do you happen to have any pictures showing the "body side" vs the "out-side"? I like that strategy but I'm not sure I can keep it up... ;)

  14. On this bag it would be up to you. I would use the exterior end pocket as my guide and always make sure it pointed to the front or back.

    But if you can only keep 1, it's your most expensive bag purchase, and your 1st Rocco…then I vote for the matte black.

    You won't have to baby it and black is always in fashion. Plus your gonna love this bag and wanna use it all the time and nubuck no matter what you do is just a higher maintenance material.
  15. Okay, so I've just tried the Nubuck Rocco with several different outfits and have decided that - as pretty as it is - you ladies are probably right: It just wouldn't make sense to keep it only to wreck it after a few weeks with the many dark pairs of jeans I own. So I'm sending it back. :noworry: (<-- This is me being sensible.)

    So now I have to wait for the iridescent Rocco to reach me... But, actually... It's a little embarrassing, but I've ordered a ROCKIE in Heritage (received it today) and must say that it's really cute, too... :P ... And it's so much lighter than the Rocco, which becomes quite obvious when you carry both of them. Only thing I don't like it the color.

    Ughhh, I'm hopeless! :faint: