Which RM MA or MAM??

  1. So I was thinking of getting a MA but I have a couple of questions..
    Should I go for the MA or the Mini? I'm 5'4'' with an average build, so would it look to big for me?
    But I also carry around a LOT of stuff and would like to be able to carry my laptop in it if I need to.

    ALSO what COLOR?
    I was thinking either the

    a) black with basket weave
    c)night blue!

    Please help me decide since I am SOOOOO indecisive....

    OR should I WAIT until the new rumored pink or purple epi LV speedys come out?

    thank in advance. :confused1:
  2. ^I would go for either the black with black basketweave or the night blue. The lavender, while it is very pretty, is not the most versatile color. The night blue is absolutely enchanting and will work with lots of outfits, and the black is gorgeous with the basketweave.

    Edit: Also, the MAM and the MA are both really wearable. The MAM offers ample room; imagine a space within a handbag that could fit a makeup bag, wallet, ipod, cell phone, agenda, a paperback book or two, and a water bottle. The MA can accommodate all of the stuff listed above, plus a bag lunch and perhaps an extra water bottle.

    Hope that helped!
  3. hi...right now i have 3 rebecca minkoffs at my house...a MAM, a matinee and a nikki...the mam would not hold a laptop, however, it is really spacious and would fit a water bottle, pda, wallet, makeup bag, cell phone, mints, small notebook and a couple of other items...(i'm trying to decide between all 3!!!)
    also, the night blue is gorgeous!!
  4. I have a MAM in Egglant and a MA in Glazed Espresso coming to me soon.. can't wait! I'll let you know soon what I think about the size- I'm the same height as you. Originally I thought that I'd keep them both so I'd have one of each size but now I wonder if the colors might be too similar? Any advice?
  5. i too am the same height as you. i already have a black MA and while it is big, i love big bags and it holds a ton. i am getting my Evergreen MAM today! so i will let you know, IMO what size bag i like better. also, i think the night blue or black would be the most versatile. Stay tuned........
  6. I would go for black basketweave in the regular size. I had dark gray in regular but I sold because it was big on my 5'. But I think the size would be perfect for you since you carry a lot of stuff. Good luck deciding!
  7. I have a MAM AND it fits my laptop - but I have to take the battery part off, and I have a tiny laptop, and that's without a laptop sleeve (probably wouldn't fit with a sleeve). Unless your laptop is tiny (like the size of the smallest macbook) it's not fitting into the MAM.

    And I agree above about the lavender - it's not the most versatile color. The night blue is way more versatile and just as nice.
  8. i have the mam. i am 5'3.. i'm glad i didn't go bigger!! it's a pretty big bag for a "mini". :smile:
  9. I have a mam and I think the size is just right. I am 5'4" as well. I had a Ma but I returned it. For me it looked huge, but I don't like to carry huge bags. I had a Gryson Olivia, but I thought I looked like I was carrying my carry-on luggage!
  10. I am 5'1'' MAM, is plenty big, however if you want to carry laptop get the MA!:push: