Which RM bag is most practical??

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  1. so i'm pretty new to RM and tpf. however, i've been going through some threads and really started to like the MA and the MAM. i can't decide which one to buy! i'm a college student and can't figure out which one would be most practical to jug around my books and such.

    thanks ladies :nogood:
  2. If your lugging books and stuff I would think the Plan B hobo would be good I am not sure I would want to stuff books in a MA or MAM.
  3. i would say a nikki would be most practical. you can fit your notebooks and probably some paperback books (but not textbooks) in there.
  4. The nikki is bigger than the Plan B. So i'd say the nikki if it was for school. Its cute and stylish too!
  5. I'd go with the MA! I love my chocolate MA for school; it holds all my "lady stuff" and fits a notebook and water bottle with room to spare.
  6. thanks!! i think i'll have to do some more browsing before i can actually decide. :biggrin:
  7. Clearly the only way to decide this is.... to buy one of each!! :biggrin:
  8. I'd have to say Nikki too, but I want to put in a word for the parcticality of the Matinee. Now, I bought my Matinee strictly for looks, but she's a real workhorse! You can slip your keys & phone in the side pockets, also nothing gets lost in the Matinee, you open it & everythings right there!
  9. The matinee is a great bag, but if you're going to use it for school, then it doesn't have a big zipper opening to put books etc in it. For books etc, i think the NIkki or the Market tote will be the best. The MAB is pretty big, but the shoulder drop on the NIkki and Market tote is better to still carry on the shoulder.

    I again say the nikki, but the market tote, i've heard from another tpers, is literally nice big tote bag!
  10. ITA about the Nikki, it could easily fit a book and a binder or something! GL deciding!
  11. I think a Nikki!
    You can stuff even a laptop in it, and it's gorgeously slouchy if you take out all your books and bring it out for casual shopping. ... HTH, and GL in your hunt.