Which RM bag do you prefer: Wine Nikki or Wine Matinee


Which RM bag do you prefer: The Nikki or the Matinee?

  1. Nikki

  2. Matinee

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  1. ...and why?

    I appreciate your thoughts!:smooch: Thanks in advance!

    Nikki in Wine


    Matinee in Wine

  2. I like both bags but I go for the matinee because I love the shape of it. The wine color is so gorgeous.
  3. GUNG I can't see the pics!!! :s

    But because I know how they look like anyway :biggrin: I would have to say the Matinee too, because I really, really REALLY LOVE the Matinee. I think I've said so before that in my RM collection (MA, Matinee and Get Away Tote), it's the Matinee that I use EVERYDAY!

    The Nikki is gorgeous as well too though (heehee way to confuse you eh?!)
  4. I dont know why the pics arent working. Hopefully, these work!:yes:
    CIMG5571.JPG CIMG5570.JPG
  5. GUNG, the pics are up!

    Because I have never seen a pic of the Nikki being "worn" like this hook is doing for me, I've missed out on its gorgeousness. SERIOUSLY. I can't blame you for wanting to keep both, I would if I had the choice! The slouchiness of it makes it TDF for me...

    If you're ever looking to unload one...
    :angel: heehee :biggrin:
  6. both are gorgeous. i noticed that it's easier for me to put the matinee over my shoulders compared to the MAB but i've never "played" with the nikki. i believe you already have the MAM or MAB on this color so whichever one you decide on would be a great choice!
  7. I'll say BOTH! But the poll didn't allow me to choose both. :smile:
    I do like the matinee but I think the nikki looks more spectacular in wine.
  8. The matinee has a more unique and distinct shape which I like so I would have to vote Matinee!
  9. I love both. But after seeing Vanessa Hudgens (I know she is younger than me!!) sporting the Wine Matinee, it was love at first sight!
  10. I love the matinee! It's organization is better for me than a hobo type bag. With all of the pockets, I know where everrything is. Plus, the Nikki is so huge! I remember Missypoo's modeling pics, and it would look like luggage on me!
  11. I just love the matinee so much so I'd vote for it but the Nicki is definetely on my to-have-list as well. Both bags are super georgous and if you can keep both because they're so different from each other it doesn't matter that they're the same colour KWIM? can you wear the Nicki over the shoulder?
  12. Another matinee vote....but Id take either if someone was giving them away lol
  13. I'm totally in love with the matinee in wine!
  14. I voted for wine matinee too. Love its shape and many pockets which allows better orgnization than Nikki. I have a hobo style bag (Gucci) that I always have a hard time trying to search for stuff inside.
  15. I voted for the Nikki, since I love that style. It's much more wearable to me than the matinee -- I'm just not a fan of that shape in general and the flaps don't do anything for me.