Which ring?

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  1. I've posted this in the Jade subforum too but thought I'd go "mainstream" too :P

    Which do you think is better for a right hand ring (ring finger)? For reference, I have small hands and wear size 4. The seller asked one of her girls who wears a size 3 to model them for me. Both are lavender jadeite. One is a cabochon with 1.68 carats of VS1 F diamonds and the other is a carved peony with 18kt wild vine band.

    I wonder if the peony (or both rings) would be too over the top for office, and just be an occasion ring.

    Of course the diamond one is much more expensive too!!
  2. 1st one
    More up class
  3. More photos. Grainier because these are screenshots from videos


    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461846839.223406.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461846850.646389.jpg
  4. I like the cabochon with the diamonds. The beauty of the jade and color show up better than the carved peony.
  5. First one!
  6. The first one! Very classy.
    The second one looks more like fashion jewelry.
  7. another vote for the first one, the second one looks too clunky.
  8. Absolutely love the first one and worth the extra (I'm sure it's a lot) money. I agree with Angel9...the carved jade looks more like a fashion ring. Keep us posted!
  9. The first ring is beautiful! I think it's fine for office wear. It's so beautiful, feminine and classy. :heart:
  10. I think the first one with the diamonds is more suited to everyday wear. The carved one is really large.
  11. 1st one is beautiful
  12. #12 Apr 28, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2016
    Wow unanimous! The jade forum ladies were mixed, but more leaning to peony because they thought it was more unique. I think the diamonds have my heart, as I love some sparkle. Now I have to see if I can scrounge up funds for it as I am feeling a little guilty over dipping into savings.
  13. That is very true, I think the quality of the stone is better in the cabochon ring.
  14. Wow I didn't even think about that, that the peony ring may come across as resin or something inexpensive!
  15. Yea, I thought the peony was more unique and took a lot of skill to carve out of a single stone, but I think it may be too large for my small hand.
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