Which ring?


Which ring do you prefer?

  1. David Yurman

  2. Konstantino Treasures

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  1. I want a nice ring to wear on my right hand that is appropriate for day or night...I love both of these, help?!
    NMY7022_mg.jpg NMY8723_mg.jpg
  2. By the way, the first one (all silver) is the Yurman ring...
  3. They're both gorgeous choices but I think I'd go for the David Yurman.
  4. David Yurman.
    But both are nice!
  5. They are both pretty, but I prefer the Yurman!
  6. I like the second ring! Stunning! :tup: The yurman ring seems plain IMO
  7. I like the first one! V pretty!
  8. David Yurman
  9. They're both nice. But i prefer David Yurman.
  10. The first one :tup:
  11. the first one gets my vote.
  12. My vote also goes to the first one.
  13. They're both gorgeous !
  14. I like the first one more! very pretty
  15. Yurman much more versitile.