Which ring??

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  1. Hi ladies, I just recently purchased this ring


    Well, I'm second guessing my purchase. Would it be just TOOOOO much hearts since I have the ear rings, necklace, and bracelet. Elsa Peretti open hearts. I asked the SA would it be much, and he said people come in and buy the whole sets all the time. So I went ahead and got it. Now I feel that the ring is kind of kiddie for some reason. I do love it, it's really cute, but I'm also interested in the knot ring. What do you ladies think?

  2. I like the knot ring alot better.....but I dont think that having all heart themes is too much....unless its a huge piece and distracting in terms of wearing too many at one time...the heart ring seems very femine and pretty but the knot ring seem interesting and more modern to go with everything....

    Honestly, cant go wrong with either....
  3. I like the knot ring more!!
  4. I like the knot ring too... I think it has longer staying power than the heart ring.
  5. I love the knot ring!
  6. i don't like heart jewelry, period. too cutesy.
    definitely go for the knot ring.
  7. I think the know ring is a whole lot prettier actually .
  8. I don't think it's too much. You might now ALWAYS wear them together but even if you DID...I don't think it would be odd.

    However, in the interest of full disclosure...I like the knot ring myself!
  9. knot ring- but i also think the heart would be a cute pinkie ring
  10. depends which one looks best on your finger. I think the knot ring may not look good on a short stubby finger (I guess that would let me out for a knot ring!)
  11. I like the knot ring better. But I think your heart ring is really cute. I think some days we feel like wearing jewelry that is more feminine. I have a friend who wears a lot of heart jewelry at one time. It never looks odd because the hearts are small and compliment each other. It is her signature look. So if you like the look of hearts, just embrace that and make it your signature. Btw, my friend is 48 and they don't look "kiddie" on her.
  12. knot ring...that style will last a long time. You might get out of the heart phase or simply not like it anymore. Go for the knot!
  13. I love the knot ring. I've been thinking about getting one for myself!
  14. I prefer the knot ring. Hands down.
  15. I like the knots ring, too!
    My theory is if you are second guessing, definitely go back at least try something else on, and make the decision to exchange or not.