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Which Ring to Go With my Cartier Stack?

Jul 26, 2013
Thank you all for weighing in! I appreciate all the opinions. I’m leaning toward the Bulgari with the possibility of adding the Clash down the line. However I’m going to have to think about it at least for the next month. At least I’ve ruled out the VCA, which is the most expensive option. 😂


Oct 11, 2017
It depends which makes your heart race the most. I am between the Bvlgari and the plain clash. I saw the diamond clash and felt the diamonds were too small. The plain clash is edgy and just an amazing piece. The Bvlgari is thicker which makes ur hands look slimmer. It also depends whether you have thicker or thinner rings. Keep in mind the Bvlgari may show more scratches.


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Aug 31, 2008
I like the Bvlgari ring most with your stack. It mirrors the shape and flow of the Juc and blends nicely with the gold/diamond motif you've got going on already. All while still adding interest and texture in the design. It feels like it brings more dimension and movement to the whole stack than the others.

To my eye, the clash rings (both options) form a "bookend" kind of effect with the clash bracelet, and the VCA weighs down the whole stack because it's quite thick.

Of course, all of them are gorgeous and you really can't go wrong, but the Bvlgari would be my first pick for you. It looks lovely on your hand. :flowers:
Agree with @jblended and others. Bulgari :biggrin:
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