Which ring do you like better?

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  1. I want a diamond fashion ring and I can't choose between these two. There are from a good seller on Ebay.

    If anyone has any other places that sell fun diamond jewelry at a reasonable price let me know :biggrin:

    I really like them both. I do like the one with the yellow sapphires because of the style but I also like the fact that the other one has more solid diamonds.

    Both are 18 kt Gold

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  2. im a sucker for pears, so i'd go with the yellow sapphire one. very unique!
  3. Yea the first one looks cool and stylish:smile:
  4. I would go with the second because I think it will match with more so you'll get more wear out of it. IMO the first would only go with certain outfits...
  5. The first one - unique and attractive. The second one is reminiscent of the 'waterfall' rings, which I never cared for.
  6. Yellow! :biggrin:
  7. i love the first one--it looks a bit like a tree of life and i love that motif
  8. second one :smile:
  9. First one.

    It will probably blend better with your skin tone, too. I love cluster rings that compliment my skin. They can be more versatile than white/clear stones, IMO.
  10. first one!...beautiful and different....
  11. I like the first one.
  12. 2nd one
  13. I'd go with the second because NLVOEWITHLV is so right about how diamonds just go with everything and yet its a wow ring. Also more diamonds = more sparkle, which to me is always best!
  14. The first one. Screams summer and fun! And warm and toasty for fall and winter.
  15. love the first....just so unique.