Which ring; Bvlgari Bzero1 or Cartier Love?

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Which ring?

  1. *

    Bvlgari Bzero1 in White Gold

    16 vote(s)
  2. Cartier Love in White Gold

    20 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. As above...

    Trying to decide between the two.

    Price seems to be similar, not a big deal.

    I love both!
  2. i like the cartier love ring with diamonds.
  3. am I the only one that needs photos?
    I'm sorry, I'm just not familiar enough w/ them to choose w/o eye candy:graucho:
  4. Bvlgari


    I've always loved Cartier but between the two, I'd go for Bvlgari. The Love Ring without diamonds is too plain IMO
  5. i like the cartier better. and i actually like it more without the diamonds.
    the bvlgari is ok but i would like it more if it didn't have the brand name written on the side.
  6. You're right. I'm not too crazy about the name splashed on it but I like the shape better.
  7. cartier
  8. thanks for the photos, I choose Cartier:biggrin:
    Although I'm usually a sucker for Bvlgari.
  9. I prefer the Cartier - I have the rose gold with pink sapphire love ring--and I, well, love wearing it. I do like the shape of the Bvlgari, but I don't like the branding on the side, the design already speaks for itself. However, I would go with the Cartier if I had to choose between the two. I myself also like the ones with 1 or no diamonds b/c I like to see the screw motif--that's the whole point with the love collection.

    Both rings are beautiful, enjoy the one you choose!
  10. I like the Bvlgari because I like the stacked ring look.
  11. i like the cartier, but thats just me
  12. I like the Cartier better.
  13. Mmmm, I like the Bvlgari!
  14. I love both, I am seriously considering getting both but I can't :sad:
  15. I don't know but I'm liking the bulgari better, like the stack look