which reissues are available now?

  1. i have decided that my first bag will be a flap - i want one of the distressed reissues -

    what colors are available now?
    how hard are they to find?
    what are the different sizes?
    are they limited editions?
  2. Available in Spring/Summer 2006:
    Dark gold
    Dark white
    Black w/silver chain
    Rouge w/silver chain

    Available for Cruise 2007:
    Distressed black patent
    Distressed navy patent
    Distressed metallic dark silver
    Distressed metallic light silver
    Distressed metallic light gold
    Distressed metallic copper

    You'll have to call Chanel for availability. The reissues come in 5 sizes, but Chanel and the department stores don't necessarily order them in all sizes and colors. Best of luck.
  3. If you want something just because it's a reissue, it's not rare. But to get the perfect color and size may be a challenge. I just bought one of the last bordeaux reissue w/ silver hw and I was surprised they still had it @ Nordies Seattle since it was from S/S 06. Persistence and knowing the right people do pay off!
  4. someone here posted that Saks had them in grey and bordeaux a couple of weeks ago. Good luck!
  5. I think some of the stores recently received more stock of the reissues. I know Seattle Nordstroms did...they had several colors a few weeks ago when I picked up my bordeaux one.