Which reissue would you keep?

  1. I have two chanel reissue bags (both in 227) and need to return one, which should it be the white anniversary 2.55 or the recent black metallic reissue? I dont own any other flap bags and I love both but can only keep one...please help!
  2. I have the Black and just love it! I think it is more practical also. More year round bag...
  3. I love the anniversary editions ... the date stamp makes the bag very very special. But I love the Metallic black ... it's so different yet simple. I'd keep the black one!
  4. I think you should keep the black.
  5. I'm a little biased as I'm a new owner of the Black Metallic and LOVE it! I can't stop looking at it! :p I say go for the Black one! :yes:
  6. Tough choice as they are both beautiful. If you are a collector, then keep the white anniversary. If you wear more black, keep the metallic. Either way, you can't go wrong.
  7. Keep the black metallic. Gorgeous and more versatile IMO.
  8. I would keep the black.
  9. i would love to keep them both! but if left with only 1 choice, i'd opt for the black metallic. i'm loving mine! :graucho:
  10. I love my metallic black reissue, that's my first choice.
  11. Agree...
    Are you a collector? if not, return the white.

  12. metallic black for sure! i find the white reissue, although gorgeous, just a little bit "bland" (no offense to anyone who has it, its just my personal opinion), so collector's item or not, i definitely prefer the metallic black.
  13. ITA, although I do think the metallic black is more versatile... Just my opinion..
  14. Unless you wear white all year long I would keep the black.
  15. Another vote for keeping the black from me - I would just be too scared to use the white often, and I'd want to show off bags as beautiful as these two. I hope the decision is not too painful. Maybe one day you'll be able to welcome a white back into your collection?