Which Reissue do you love the BEST?!

  1. Of all the reissues released, which one is your most favorite... Pick one only!!!

    For me, oh my.. This is a tough call.. I would say the Dark Silver is the best?? Because it's sooo blingy that it can catch anyone's attention! :biggrin:
  2. I only have one - the Navy Patent - so, that is my pick.:tup:
  3. I have the dark silver, and it's stunning... that's my pick! :smile:
  4. another vote for dark silver! my second pick would be rose gold/copper!
  5. The white leather reissue!
  6. i love the white leather reissue as well.
  7. Toss up between the dark gold and the dark white reissue.
  8. has to be grey!!!
  9. i'm just an old-fashioned grey lover!
  10. love all the metellics! ok....dark silver....hoping to get one this fall.
  11. Definitely the dark silver (altho I have used mine only three times cause I don't want to scratch it!).
  12. Another vote for grey...I'm biased because I have one. :p
  13. I have to say the grey 2.55. I love this bag.
  14. Dark silver! I have a 225 size, but a 227 size will be perfect!
  15. none....(runs and hides from the pillaging villagers). Not a fan BUT the gold looks alright.