Which reissue did I buy?

  1. Sorry to sound so daft, but I am really confused which re-issue 2.55 I purchased. I bought it at the Chanel concession in Selfridges London for 1340pounds. It is the metallic black one with silver hardware. I was told that it was a jumbo, but the measurements don't seem to match that of a jumbo re-issue. The measurements are exactly that of a jumbo classic flap. I am truly confused.

    Also, I purchased the bag because I didn't want to risk losing it, but I'm not sure if it is too big for my frame. I'm 5'2"....what is your opinion? The size smaller is apparently only 1 cm smaller, so not that big of a difference (at least what the sales assistant told me).

    Many thanks for your help!
  2. Perhaps it is the 227 size?
    I am the same height as you and i buy 226. But the 226 isn't that much smaller....an inch or so like you said. Its as long as you feel comfortable with the bag. I don't think it would look too large on you. There are ladies on the board that have 227 and are shorter and they look amazing. It is all personal preference. =)

    If you do a search on reissues you can find the measurements and compare them to your bag.
  3. Agree 100 percent with blushingbaby -- it's strictly personal preference on the size. The 227 is closer to the jumbo.
  4. Sounds to me like size 227 which i used to own one.
  5. creme fraiche ~ going by the price you paid ~ you have bought the 226 size ~ please post pics ~ i love the black with the silver h/w! :love:
  6. ITA with Viki, you got the 226 (now called large size), it is only slightly smaller than a jumbo flap. The 227 size is £1395 here!
  7. What a great bag! I am sure you will love it once you see it! I think 226 and 227 are great!
  8. I'll post pictures (with a measuring tape) once I figure out how to do it. I'm really confused, though. The sales assistant told me it was a jumbo re-issue, but the dimentions don't fit with the ones listed on this forum. Have they changed the sizes? Also, I think it is the larger (227?) size, as I looked at the reissues at the Bropmpton Cross store and they only had the "large". They told me that the jumbo was only 1 cm bigger.
  9. yes, pls post pics to show us. I'm sure it's size 227 and i think the length is ard 12"