Which reissue 224 or 225 is better?

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  1. Hihi,
    Thinking of adding a reissue in my collection. Saw pics of 2 reissue that catches my eye. So opinions needed. :smile:

    (1) A 2011 reissue 224 in ivory with distressed gold chain
    This is past season, more than 1yr though it's supposed to be brand new in store. However, I've never seen or try any reissue in size 224. Will have to do international shipping if I'm ordering. I'm not sure if ivory will going to turn yellow or darken(patina) etc. I'm not too concerned about colour transfer as I think I baby my bags well.

    (2) A 2012 reissue 224 in gold with gold chain.
    (3) A 2012 reissue 225 in gold with gold chain
    I've seen and tried the reissue 225 in gold with gold in person and find that the size is perfect for my built. However, I find that I've similar colours in my current collection.

    (4) None of the above. Wait for other seasonal colours except black.

    Attaching pix of the ivory 224 & gold 224.

    My current collection for consideration:
    - black caviar east/west w shw
    - yellow caviar GST w shw
    - 2010 coral pink lambskin m/l w ghw
    - 2010 powder pink lambskin m/l w shw
    - metallic pink lambskin boy Chanel accordion flap w shw
    - red coco rain lambskin m/l w shw
    - red camellia embossed lambskin woc w shw
    - pearly beige caviar jumbo w ghw
    - shimmery beige python jumbo w ghw
    image-2614237679.jpg image-823159085.jpg
  2. I'll pick none of the above. I personally prefer size 225 but in darker leather in reissue.
  3. i like the 224 in gold dear
  4. Thanks for the feedback! I'm having 2nd thoughts too. Thinking about getting something slightly darker in colour. Probably should be more rational and choose 225 instead of 224 since I'll never be able to try the 224 as my local boutique doesn't carry at it. :smile:
  5. Thanks! I like the gold too but find it too similar in colour to pearly beige n python. :smile:
  6. Ok, option (5) dark gold reissue 225 in ruthenium chain. Pic taken from Authentic Finds of size 227.
  7. Get the dark gold as the gold is close to your other bags. Besides its a gorgeous color!
  8. i think you should wait for a fresh color that stands apart from the rest of your beautiful collection!
  9. I'm getting abit confused about the various shades of dark gold for 12A. Not sure if the dark gold pic attached is this code or not.
    12A A37586Y04150 colour code 61325.

    I saw a champagne shade of gold with RHW chain in size 226 but the code is different. The colour code was 40851....
  10. Any suggestions? :smile: I'm getting confused as to what colour I should opt for..... I only know I don't want black, navy blue, dark grey.....
  11. How about 12p metallic purple in 224 or 225. They are not in the similar color range to any of your bags, and it is a really pretty plum.
  12. Thanks for suggestion! Will try to check if my local store has the plum for me to try & see if i feel more love for it. From the pics in the TPF, it doesn't seem like a colour that suits me. I've been told I'm more suited for those Autumn & Spring colours. :smile: