Which regret is worse - something bought or something not bought?

  1. kellybag's and pampered1's threads (which all of us can relate to - although some of us had so much regret we couldnt bear to post!) elicit a follow up question which is - which do you feel worse over, an improvident buy or an improvident pass? In my case, no question, it is an improvident buy, from a consignment store, over a year ago. I regreted it almost as soon as i got home. I think I feel worse about my bad judgment - I was lonely, husband had been out of town for several days, I was feeling anxious and off kilter, I let myself get talked into something I didnt really want in a vulnerable moment - than I do about the money I lost on reselling it. I try to see it as an experience I learned something from, although it is hard even for me to have this perspective and not beat myself up over it. (Plus, I feel bad over the fact I still feel bad over it).
    As for the "improvident passes" - I find that you always get a second chance, if you wait long enough.
  2. ^^I agree. I HATE getting stuck with a bag I don't truly love. I can live with passing up a bag, because I figure if I don't love it right away, then it's not true love.
  3. I'm an optimist too! A regretted purchase is hard to live down or get rid of...but there's likely always another wonderful bag that comes around.
  4. I agree that a rash purchase is worst of all. Not that I've made any of those for a loooong time. Of course, there's still the nagging thought of a bag I've lusted after for 12 months that, inexplicably, the re-seller STILL has. Sooner or later I'll prolly convince myself that this can only mean one thing. The bag is OBVIOUSLY meant to be mine!:devil:
  5. I'm with HG on this one. I know right away when I see something if it's meant for me...I've learned to listen to that little, tiny, naggy voice inside that says, "I'll beat you to a pulp if you buy that thing, S'Mom!".
  6. I haven't had a bag purchase regret (or Hermes bag regret really) so I don't know for sure. As for bags not purchased regret, come to think of it I haven't had a serious one either. But between the two, yes I think I would prefer something not bought, just because I would still dream of the opportunity to buy later and I wouldn't have lost any money.
  7. I've purchased so many bags that I regret. Some, I knew the first time I took the tag off. Usually, it's from a store that I don't shop in. So, I end up with a random store credit. Yuck.
  8. Oh, definitely something bought that wasn't "me". It's so aggravating but I think I've learned my lesson. Earlier on I felt so eager that I had to get my hands on anything and everything. Now, I take my time and think about how it works for me, not whether it's popular or a fleeting fancy.
  9. it would be an improvident buy. but thankfully this has not happened yet

    *knocks on wood*
  10. Definitely the ones I took home rather than those I didn't. Those regrets that sit at the back of my closet taunting me - bleh:yucky: .

    I have learned to sell them on though - there's always someone out there for whom that is the 'bag that got away' - a much better solution than the perpetual guilt of living with a bad buy.
  11. If you are talking specifically about Hermes, then I would say: something NOT bought.

    Because of the rarity of most items (especially bags) and the high reselling prices I don't think it would be too hard to successfully get out of an unwanted purchase.
  12. Definitely something bought. That's money spent and hard to recoup.
  13. For me, it's my imprudent pass on Hermes. With a slightly different take. When I was single I had the wherewithall to purchase one or more -but- couldn't rationalize investing in a purse and mind you we're talking 1980 prices. sigh. :crybaby:

    Now, after a home, children, vehicles, and there's a stingy PHH to boot somewhere in all of this :p -- I'd say the regret over Hermes not bought is worse for me. I afford inspired pieces but there's still that twinge of regret every so often. But, of course I live vicariously through all of you! So that's good.
  14. I guess worse is buying a bag in the spur of moment and then regretting it as when u sell ,even if u havent worn it u tend to lose money --it is always better to waitand then buy
  15. Definitely the improvident pass. I have bought many, many bags that turned out not to be right for me during my long but enjoyable Hermes learning curve. Selling those bags has never been a problem. But, passing on a bag that may not come around again any time soon? That hurts me!