Which red to keep?

  1. 6AF19B5F-91DE-4C95-8336-FD5EF168F8EE.jpeg i am thinking selling one of these red, which one to sell or keep? Thanks for your advise.
  2. all lovely - but I would keep the middle one.
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  3. For me, the chevron CF would be the first to go. Followed by the boy. Keep the middle one!
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  4. Keep boy bag!
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  5. I would sell the CF chevron! Classic quilted must stay! =)
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  6. Which do you love, which do you wear the most?
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  7. I‘d keep the jumbo! gorgeous red
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  8. I like the red on the chevron classic flap the most.
    In terms of style though, if you’re keeping 2, keep the classic quilted and one chevron.
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  9. jumbo quilted in the middle
  10. Keep the middle one!
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  11. Oh my gosh this is such a difficult decision and I'm not even making it LOL! They're all so beautiful, but maybe part with one of the chevrons since you have two?
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  12. I vote to keep the middle one, but I also prefer classic quilt over chevron.
  13. I think red goes very well with Chanel Boy, especially in gold hardware, so I advise you to keep the Boy and the classic quilted. Chevron is beautiful as well, but in this case I would recommend to keep the other two.
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  14. All are totally beautiful but the way the reds are looking on my screen I favor the classic quilt flap in the middle the most:heart:
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  15. I'd keep the boy! It's gorg :heart:
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