Which RED to choose? Patent or hybrid?

  1. Hi ladies, once again facing a very difficult situation. Which one that you will buy, the hybrid caviar red 2007 with rusting bijoux chain (meant to look like that) or the new prefall 2008 patent burgundy???

    the plus of the hybrid are
    ; cheaper and caviar (love caviar) and and i love love love the color of the chain, rusty looking
    the minus of the hybrid are; the leather is somehow LOOKS like it has lots of scratches (i read it somewhere on tpf lots of ladies been complaing bout this and i saw e photo on eBay too and YES it looks scarry) and it has madeimoselle lock, which i am kind of bored with because i bought 3 reissues from ss08

    what should i do?
    1. should i just buy this 1st and see irl if i dont like it, i'll sell it on eBay for its original price? and meanwhile i just waitlist on the patent jumbo prefall 2008


    2. should i just pass on this bag and just get the patent jumbo prefall 2008?

    please help ladies, what i am scared of is; WHAT IF the prefall08 collection or next next next year collection are not as desirable the red 2007 hybrid? im just scared that i might regret it.

    any kind of critics or suggestion will be much appreciated, espc ladies that have this red hybrid 2007 caviar. -TIA-
  2. Buy it, you can always sell it later if you regret it.
  3. hi hon :flowers: ~ i recently saw the bordeaux for the first time ~ it is beautiful ~ but to me much darker than it looks in all the pics ~ so much so that i wouldn't call it a *red* at all ~ imho ~ i just wish they would launch a bright red reissue for winter ~ with silver hw of course! :lol: in patent or caviar ~ or anything at all! ~ the burgundy patent does sound gorgeous ~ & there would be no scratches as in the distressed caviar leather ~ choices choices! :nuts:
  4. Hybrid :tup:
  5. viki i hate u hauhauhauhau u r not helpin Ms. enabler!
    the thing is, i dont like my bag to be saying 'look at me LOOK AT ME' i like it to be just very nice but understated nice.
    Other red are too bright for me, i need bordeaux or burgundy kind of red which somehow this red hybrid have.

    ladies please please help me decide, should i pass on hybrid 2007 or should i just buy it 1st ? because anyway chanel wont get cheaper and i am scared that i will regret it deeply if i decided to pass on this hybrid.

    howwww? please help...thx ladies
  6. ^:love: ~ i know ~ i'm just rubbish @ giving advice where shopping is concerned! ~ lol! ~ is the hybrid *bordeaux* ? ~ b/c maybe i got that bit wrong! :s ~ buy the hybrid ~ post pics & then we can help you decide! :p
  7. ok gals, here is the photo, the bag that i am talking about is the one on the RIGHT END. its the hybrid caviar 2007. viki what do u think? thx ladies.

    photo courtesy of nvchampagne
    red hybrid medium.jpg
  8. I LOVE the hybrid one. I think it is very unique looking. I almost bought the black one and just saw the brown jumbo one. Loved them both. The hybrid is very soft leather...unlike the caviar still feel. The bags do look "worn" though. If you can deal with that, you will love it. FYI - to resell on eBay won't be just for your cost...you have to figure in fees as well. Between listing fees, final value fees and paypal fees it will probably cost close to $100 to sell that one bag.

    Show pics of whatever you end up getting!
  9. If you love the hybrid then get it. If you see the patent and love it more you can either return/exchange the hybrid or sell it.
  10. if the colour is true in nv's pic then it isn't as dark as the bordeaux :tup: ~ i love the antiqued chain ~ sorry but you'll just have to get it! :graucho:
  11. I have the black hybrid and love the feel and smell of the caviar. It is distressed so the scratches are part of its "look".
    It's hard to go for the red jumbo because it's not here IRL to look at.

    I say get the hybrid first...hey you can always get the jumbo later...and then keep both (because they're both different).....does that help?:graucho::woohoo:
  12. hahhaha vikiiii i want to kick u with a chanel bag =)
    anyway thx to u ladies, i think i will def get it =) and will do as you guys suggested, i will buy it 1st and if if if somehow the pf08 red patent is more lovable, i will sell it and buy the patent.
    i think the most sellable color for chanel is red? then purple then pink?
  13. I love the hybrid and the color! I thought they were really hard to find.
  14. Definitely hybrid coz it's hard to find and i saw one on ebay not long....hope you find one soon~
  15. I would go for the Hybrid, you can always sell it if you change your mind