Which red paddy should I choose?

  1. Per my post in the shopping thread, Saks in NYC has red paddies on sale. Red is the one color I do not have in my entire bag wardrobe... so I think I want to snap one up! Which one would you choose: the classic satchel, or the dome shaped satchel? The dome shaped one is the larger of the two. I don't like how it looks on my shoulder (the base is very wide) but it looks nice carried on your arm. I like that it's a different looking shape, and the bag can carry a LOT, even though it seems to be no heavier than the classic satchel.

    I love the classic satchel and already have quite a few (or, muscade, tweed) so I feel like I shouldn't get yet another one in the same shape... but it's my favorite shape (I think) and the size is perfect for me.

    Help, what should I do?:confused1:
  2. I think you should buy both, take them home and see how you feel after they've spent the night with you....you can also post modelling pics to let us help you decide!!!
  3. I wish they showed the dimensions!

    Its nice (if its no too big) and it'll be a change from the regular paddy style! But bot as versatile IMO.
  4. Mona, it's quite wide at the base which is the only thing I am not crazy about. It makes it look like more of a tote and less of a satchel, if that makes any sense...

    I wish I could bring you to the store with me. :p
  5. OMG How I wish I can come!!

    I know what you mean by being wide...thats why I am saying the refular paddy will be more versatile and easier to wear.

  6. This is hard because in the picture I think this purse is adorable? However RL can be totally different KWIM? Does this bag have the dimensions of a Paddy tall shopper? What are the dimensions?

  7. You should definitely go for the dome:yes:!!! I seen this bag irl and I love it:tup:. Especially in the red it really makes the bag pop. I don't think it's to big at all, it definitely doesn't look like carry-on luggage imho.
  8. Tough choice. But I do know you are right on track for red this Spring. That's all the latest Neiman's catalog was showing practically. Also featured were a lot of silhouettes in the dome top. I agree to buy both and then take pics and we can all advise right here! - not that I would toss a trip to NYC out - LOL!
  9. OK ladies, I ended up buying neither of them!:s I looked at both bags forever and just couldn't make up my mind. I'm usually very decisive, so I think this means I don't really love either of them. Well.... I love the satchel, but I really don't need another paddy satchel at this point.

    I might feel differently tomorrow...:p

    I ended up going over to Bergdorf Goodman where the bags were 40% off in store (I'll post details of what was there in a separate link) and ended up getting a Marc Jacobs stam for an absolute steal. (It was marked down once, and then had another 40% off!)

    Thanks so much for all your advice though. It was, as always, brilliant.
  10. OMG:nuts: ARE YOU KIDDING(about the stam)!!!! Did they have anymore and which stam the quilted, crinkled, or patchwork:sweatdrop:???
  11. congrats on the stam...will you post pics on the marc jacobs sub-forum?
  12. Ali, the one I got is the classic quilted stam in camel.

    I put a post in the MJ forum with the details on what stams they had... there were several! PM me if you want more details.
  13. :drool::drool: Yes Yes Yes, more details please!!! PMing you now:nuts:...
  14. You have to get what you love and we Chloe gals understand you shaking things up. Post pics here of your Stam. We really want to see!;)