Which Red is your favorite???


Which Hermes Red is your Favorite???

  1. Rouge Vif (for OT :)

  2. Vermillion

  3. Rouge H

  4. Rouge Garanche

  5. Brique

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  1. I know this has been discussed before, but now with the introduction of Rouge Garanche - opinions may have changed. Even the new brique is amazing (although it definitely has different undertones). So tell me ladies:

    Which Hermes Red is your favorite and in which leather?
    And in which style?

    I think Hermes Reds are addictive.... and I may have just caught the bug!:love:
  2. Rouge H: In all leathers
    Rouge Vif: Only in Porosus Croc
    Braise: Only in Porosus Croc
  3. Ohhh I forgot about braise. Need to go look at pics of braise again.
  4. Braise in crocodile
    Rouge Vif in all leathers, especially chevre
    Rouge H in chevre
    Vermillion in swift
  5. Rouge H for me.
  6. Braise is stunning in croc (I took this from the Informative Catalog sticky). What other leathers does braise come in or just exotics?
  7. 1. -Rouge H-

    2. Rouge Vif

    3. Vermillion
  8. It's slutty, traffic-stopping, hot mama ROUGE VIF all the way, baby!
  9. I knew you were going to say that! He he he! That is why I put your name in the poll, you are my Rouge Vif mama!
  10. Braise in croc
    Vermillion in Box
    Rouge H in Chevre

    As per my SA Braise does come only in croc...:sad:
    When I saw bag in that color I was just literally stunned. :tender: It is just plain beautiful... beyond words.:girlsigh:
  11. Thanks Roxanna! Braise croc is on my dream list. Wish it came in another leather, like chevre! It would be unbelievable in a Chevre Kelly!
  12. OMG...WHOA! Have I seen Brique???? Is that Braise???? Yikes!


    1. Rouge H - Chevre
    2. Rouge H - Box
    3. am thinking Granache but what's this Brique????

    Need lots of help on this one.....pics all in one place would be so helpful too.....maybe here?
  13. Brique is more of a brownish/orangish red - I threw it in the mix because it is a newer color. I have only seen a pic of it in VL. It is really beautiful, but it's definitely a brownish red.
  14. You are always welcome, Jag!:flowers:
    Well, if only there would be something of the similar shade in non exotics it would be just dream color especially in Chevre :tender: :heart:

    I wonder if Frambouse in Chevre would not look similar to Braise?:nuts:
    I did look lighter and more to the pink though...:weird:
  15. I would love framboise as well. But I thought that color was discontinued?