which Red is worth to keep??

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  1. hi guys....i need your opinions about my red caviar....for now i have 06 medium red caviar and im about to get 05 e/w red caviar. do u think which one is worth to keep? should i keep both? for me, i prefer 05 color more than 06 but i like medium more...what do u guys think???:yes::yes:

    the left is 05 and the right is 06.

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  2. The e/w looks kinda orangey, is it just the picture? I like the medium better!
  3. Wow. They are just lovely. I would keep both. Red caviar is so yummy.
  4. I prefer the medium, its stunning :smile:
  5. I love the colour.. just screams the word beauty! :woohoo:
  6. If you don't have to let one go, I'd keep both. The 05 red and the 06 red are entirely different shades!
  7. i prefer medium
  8. I prefer the 06 medium as well. The 05 red looks better in lambskin IMO.
  9. 06 is more timeless in both style and color.
  10. I like the medium size wise but both colors are nice.
  11. tough choice i think...i like the med/large or even jumbo sizes better than the e/w but i LOVE the 05 red color...in caviar it looks amazing too!!
  12. The 05 is classic & a gorgeous red, but I do LOVE the medium, the size, & shade of red is absolutely stunning! GL!
  13. both are a true beauty I love red..... althoun 05 looks in my monitor orangy but wouldn´t mind... they are two tipes of bags and two kinds of reds, so if you don´t have to sell don´t sell..... imo I would keep them both....
  14. I thought the medium was 07? I like the color of the medium better (less orangey, or is that the flash?), but I like the shape of the e/w! If I had to pick, it would be #2.
  15. I don't think that medium is from '06, unless Chanel did two distinctly different shades of red caviar. I had an '06 medium flap, and it was a brownish red shade. I have and love the '05 red e/w, and it was my HG... the perfect shade of red IMO. :love: However, I prefer the medium flap over the e/w in general, and the medium you posted is beautiful... so, if I had to choose, I guess I would keep the medium... but if it were me, I know I would keep both.