which red is this?

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  1. Can anyone id this bag?
    Is this the red caviar from the current season?
  2. forgot to attach the pic.
    Sorry and thx.:sweatdrop:

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  3. No, I believe it's from 2005. Here is another picture taken a few years ago...

  4. No. That is not the '09 red jumbo.
  5. Thanks... wow she kept it well. it looked new.
  6. I second that Mon.
  7. Does anyone here own the 05 red Jumbo? There are a few members with the east west but I am really keen to see someone model this bag!!:drool:
  8. 05 red is the best...
  9. Definitely the '05 red. :girlsigh: I'm really curious to know if anyone owns the '05 red caviar medium (I know frayed_misfit does) or Jumbo flap!! :nuts: I'd give my right arm for either one - well, especially the Jumbo - even though I have the e/w)... IMHO, it's the best red Chanel has ever done, hands down!!!! :love: :love:
  10. ^^I agree M! This is a gorgeous red! I wish Chanel would remake this bag!
  11. Here is Kate Walsh wearing the 09c red jumbo vs. Mary Kate wearing the 05 red jumbo.

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  12. [​IMG]
  13. There is an '05 Red Jumbo on Bonanzle but the seller is asking $3500 yikes :sad: Wish I could get it.
  14. I had a few deals I was working on with that seller and she backed out of all of them. I wouldnt trust her.
  15. Thanks for letting me know. It's the first time I see an '05 Jumbo for sale, such a shame there aren't more of them out there :sad:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.