Which Red? Garrance?Rouge H? Chilli? in TOGO? Please suggest!

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  1. HI I am in a dilemma.

    Which red should i choose?

    Rough Garrance
    Rouge H

    in TOGO leather size 35cm
    HArdware? Please give me your suggestions.
    I am promised to receive my second birkin by Feb from Milan. 5300 Euros:smile: I have to BE SURE which red i want! I am confused!:smile: HELP

    or should I go for Hermes Orange?
  2. Personally I like the Rouge Garrance with PH. :drool:
  3. ^^^Same here!
  4. I have rouge H (in my avatar), but really like rouge G.
  5. i was just about to share that link!
    it's a great way to look at different leathers in different red colors (with diff. hw)
    just remember that the exact color is hard to guarantee due to differences in lighting when photos are taken.
    have fun picking and great for you that you have that milan hookup!
  6. I like the RG!
  7. another vote for RG with PHW!
  8. I have this same combination, as well, and I've been very happy with it. Rouge Garance is a nice "all seasons" red.
  9. Rouge Garrance with palladium gets my vote too! A most versatile bag.

  10. Another vote here for Rouge Garrance!
  11. Rouge Garance gets my vote.

    But what is Chilli? Never heard of it. Is it new?
  12. Rouge Garrance w/ PH!
  13. If you're definitely going w/togo leather, I'd suggest RG w/PHW.

    Out of all the reds, Rouge H is my fav but I think this color only looks good in box leather...
  14. In togo, I think either Rouge Garrance with GHW, or Rouge Vif with PHW would be a great choice!