Which Red For A Money-Need Help Deciding!

  1. I'm really interested in a red money right now. There's a tomato money that I can get for $395, but I'm afraid of it being a bit orangey. I really like the red of Rouge VIF but since it's from 2006 it may be harder to find. Should I wait or should I go ahead and get the money? Really how different are they in orangish-ness? Thanks!
  2. also does tomato get dirty easily?
  3. It's probably best if you go and see the reds in person. If you don't like orange undertones at all in your reds than you might not like tomato or verm.
  4. ^i'll try and see them in person if i get a chance
    it's not that i mind orange-based. i just don't want the bag to look orangish. it'll be fine with me if it's a true red whether it's more of a orange-based or a blue-based.
  5. ^ I know some tomatoes and verm. don't look like they have orange bases at all. Some of them are very true red. I think the orange undertones make them look very pretty and warm. But if you want a blue based red than RVIF is what you want. Best of luck!
  6. thanks for your help!