Which red epi do you prefer for an evening bag?

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  1. ok, since the gold hardware is gonna be phased out soon, i need to make a decision and act soon if i want to get the accessoires.

    I would like to get a red epi as an evening/cocktail bag and am deciding between the small segur, the accessoires and the honfleur. Which one do you prefer?

    The plus side of the segur and honfleur is that it can be carried on the shoulder. The sizes are all about the same and i'm not too bothered about that. Price wise, oh well, let's leave that out as well. So, just on looks alone! :P

    sorry, can't find a red for the other 2 bags

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  2. I think I like the last style (the orange bag) the best for the evening clutch.
  3. i like the first one best.
  4. honfleur! you can use it as a clutch as well!
  5. Segur for me!
  6. Honfleur. It is the most versatile and, in my opinion, sleekest.
  7. same here!
  8. honfleur! it's more sleek and elegant for evening.
  9. hmm, i've only seen the middle one! muppy if you dont mind i'm gonna hang around on this thread because i'd really LOVE to get my hands on one of these too!!! in my thread i posted up something and one of the girls took a photo of how much stuff the pochette can hold, it looks pretty good! but i still need to check out the honfleur! :smile: good luck
  10. Sure Helen! I'm still confused, getting so many opinions! at least it seems the accessoires is out of the running, so I don't have to rush down to the store to get it before they run out of those with the gold hardware!
  11. definitely the first one!!! Gorgeous!!!
  12. I just sold my black Honfleur and Red epi pochette on Ebay, both worn less than 10 times! Anyhow, to give you my honest opinion after trying both on, I prefer the pochette. I love the design of the Honfleur better. You can wear it as a clutch or over your shoulders and it looks more slick. However, you'd only notice this through experience of wearing it. Since it's a flap bag and there is a small, yet big enough gap on the top of the bag when you close it. So small things, such as lipliner, changes would constantly slip out and I lost a lipliner that way. In addition, when you open it, there's compartments for credit cards and IDs. I think they made it a little too long, because they'd all slip out! The last thing I wanted to worry about was losing my makeup and driver's license when I'm out at night. :suspiciou I ended up liking the Epi pochette more. It's lined w/beautiful suede inside and it costs almost $200 less and fits about the same as the Honfleur. HTH!
  13. i have the epi pochette accessoires in black and I use it for special occasions because I feel that it is too fancy for my daily student life. But it is a wonderful bag. I'd say pick the pochette!!!
  14. The first!
  15. Definitely the first one!!! Its amazing!