Which red do you prefer?

  1. i have both, and love them both! The coquelicot is new to me, and so bright for summer, so that's my fav right now.

    I like the pourpre the leather is so soft and such a great color for spring/fall anytime.
  2. I have a Coq city and love it. It is a good all-season bag for when you want something to stand out and I agree with others that it is a very clean/pure red - not too orange and not too blue. Pourpre to me seems like it has more of a berry undertone which means it is less likely to go with everything.

    Also, this might be kind of an odd way to think about it, but Coquelicot means "poppy" in English. Pourpre I'm pretty sure means purple, so if you are looking for a true red Coq is probably closer to what you want.
  3. I really like coquelicot colour. but the Coq currently is so hard to find out. ><
    I'm looking for mini rggh of Coq.. but there just available only in RH.. :sad:

    and then, gt new incoming collection of Rose Thulian color, which is more pinkish.
    but the color gt in mini rggh. i like the studded. but the colour I prefer of Red which is Coq.

    what should I choose? :sad:
    RH coq or Mini Rggh Rose Thu?
  4. Despite all the newer lovely reds, 08 Ruby is still my fav! Its a deep, dark blood red that not orangy and the leather is wrinkly with a nice glaze...I have a ruby brief GSH and a matching wallet that feels sooo glammy :smile:
  5. I have Coq in RH & GSH and also seen Rose Thulian in mRGGH. Of the 2, I'll go for Coq RH as it is a 'sharp'red vs Thulian which more of a pink with red undertones.
  6. bagsloverss, where are you located? There's a Coq mRGGH here
  7. I prefer coq over all reds :heart:
  8. Pourpre :heart: would be my choice
  9. Both beautifull as well different!!! I love red with pink/berry undertones so my vote is for pourpre.
  10. Oh ruby is beautiful too! If reds, I love Ruby, Coq and Tomato 07. But there is something about that pourpre and those berry red undertones...with GGH tdf!
  11. Have to say 04 True Red with Rouge Theater second...but that could switch at any moment.
  12. Yup - have to agree! But, but, but .. oh boy .. '07 Tomato is yummy, as is '06 Rouge Vif and '05 Rouge Theatre and Coquelicot .. oh heck, I LOVE them all!!
  13. CeeJay I have seen and admire your collection...and you are a red girl for sure! Who has also made it known that you will never sell your tomato or coq if I remember correctly :p

    It was actually you who got me on wanting a tomato! It is alllll your fault :lol:
  14. Oh no .. I can't take credit for that .. it's the Tomato's fault; they are just SOOOOOO gorgeous!! Truly, some of the best leather ever .. consistently smooshy, thick & chewy!!
  15. agree!