Which red do you prefer?

  1. I am looking for a red bag. Pourpre or Coquelicot? Which red do you ladies prefer and think is easier to match with clothes?
  2. I can't speak for Poupre (which I love but do not own) but I am finding that I use my Coquelicot bags all the time unless I am wearing pastels. But I am usually in neutral colors. I am curious to see what others think. A red bag is always fun to use- I get a kick out of it when I use it.
  3. Pourpre is a cooler and more muted red tone, while Coquelicot is brighter and more neutral. It would depend really on your wardrobe and how comfortable you are with carrying a red bag. If it was me, I would go for the Coquelicot :smile:
  4. They are both beautiful. I own a pourpre GSH PT and GSH besace, and a coq RH work. I can truly say I love them all.

    You really can't go wrong with either. GL!!
  5. I think Coq is more of a true red. Poupre has some berry type undertones. So it really depends on which you prefer.
  6. Such a difficult decision. I love both but I guess I'm looking for a true red so Coq would be the winner here.
  7. Coq - cos it's striking and it 'pops' :smile: If you want something subdued, then pourpre.
  8. Casssis!!!!!!!!! it's so beautiful
  9. I haven't seen Poupre IRL, but when I first saw Coquelicot I fell in love!! :loveeyes: I held off on her though since I already have 2 reddish bags. But I'll get her someday... :girlsigh:
  10. I love Poupre, but Coq is stunning!!! I have the Coq & it's so easy to wear w/ anything neutral.
  11. LOVE my COQ to bits!!!!! So stunning:p
  12. :heart: my Coquelicot city:love: gorgeous intriguing red.
  13. Coquelicot is a "clean" red, if you KWIM. Poupre is nice, but it has definite "berry" undertones ... so I guess it depends on what you prefer.
  14. I agree with the Coquelicot vote- it's a beautiful, true red! I used to have a Pourpre Work and it seemed much more pink to me then red- like a deep, dark pink with red undertones. Like CeeJay said, if you like 'clean' reds, Coq is awesome!
  15. Coquelicot!