Which RED bag?


How many red bags does a girl really need?

  1. One-Keep the Paddy

  2. One-Sell the Paddy, but buy the B-Bag

  3. TWO-Keep the Paddy and beg, borrow or steal to fund that bbag

  4. Another thought?

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  1. :crybaby: *I'm posting this in the general forum because know if I post in the Chole or Balenciaga forums, answers will probably be skewed LOL*

    The more I see this bag
    the more I want it!!!
    It's become to the point where I'm obsessing about it.

    I already have a grenat Paddy and while I'd love to keep them both, I can't afford to. :crybaby: Here's a picture so that no bag is left out and both get a fair shot at my poll

    I'm thinking that I may replace the paddy with the b-bag, since I already have a blue paddy that I use all the time and maybe my little collection would be more well rounded with one of each as opposed to two bags one color...oh, and as I mentioned, I can't fund both.

    I think that both bags are equally trendy, so that's a non-issue.
    I carry my bags as long as I love them, no matter what the trendsetters say.

    So what should I do?
    Keep the Paddy and forego the bbag? Sell the Paddy, replace it with a bbag?
    Sell my soul so that I can own both RED bags?
  2. Both bags are totally TDF, but I think probably the Balenciaga will stand the test of time, as its already a defnite classic. The paddinton is also a beautiful bag but IMO the balenciaga will last longer and will forever look fashionable.
    I know there are a few people in the Market plaza so why not consider selling you bag there, there will definitly be lots interested!
    Go for it buy the b-bag of your dreams lol!
  3. I much prefer the Bbag to the Paddy. Since you already have a Paddy I vote for selling the red Paddy to buy that gorgeous Bbag!
  4. I agree that both bags are really great...but your point about diversifying your collection is really valid. I think it will be hard to let go of the Paddy, but you'll really love the b-bag...I promise :flowers: .
  5. They are both gorgeous bags, but since you have a blue paddy my vote is to sell the red one and get the beautiful b-bag.
  6. My vote is to definitely keep the paddington. The bbag is nice but if you have to choose i think i prefer the paddy both in terms of style and color. However, if you really can sell your soul, i think you 'd better keep both since the style and color are so different.

    Does it make any sense?
  7. The reds are so different - I would say beg borrow steal do what you need to in order to have both.
  8. Those darn b-bag colors are so terrific! I voted sell the red paddy, as it doesn't seem as though you use it much now (since you use your blue one instead). This will allow for a more diversified collection that you can equally love! Good Luck!
  9. Hey, never say never when it comes to bags! :yes: IMHO, you should get the B-bag and use the Paddy to finance the acquisition. If in the future you find yourself longing for your Paddy again and in a position to buy it, you should be able to locate another one.
  10. lol ...I would keep the bbag only because its really beautiful...don't get me wrong, the paddy is pretty too, but you have one in blue.
  11. oooh... i would say different choice :P
    sell the blue paddy to afford a blue b-bag instead.
    why i said this? because between red & blue paddy i would choose the red. red paddy is gorgeous.
    while between b-bags. red and blue are great equally.
  12. I voted to keep both but that is because there are just some colors (ex. black, brown) and grenat/bordeaux is one of them, that is such a great neutral that if you can swing both bags then I would do that. The Chloe and Bbag styles though both casual are still so different too. If you must give up one, then I guess I would choose to give up the Grenat Paddy because it is a bit lighter than the bordeaux Bbag (and I love deeper bordeaux's). Let us know what you decide.:smile:
  13. I'm taking the blue paddy to my grave.
    I never thought I'd love a blue bag as much as I do my bleu nuit paddy.
    Actually, I FINALLY got the chance to see some b-bags in person today, and WOW. Why can't I be rich enough to own one in every shade they come in?!!
    Just gorgeous.
    But I still love my blue paddy more than the cornflower or inks that I saw at Barneys.
  14. ESPECIALLY since you already have a blue Paddy, I'd sell the red one to get a B-bag. Plus, I personally think that Paddys are going to get "dated" soon.... So better sell while they're still in demand and get the bag you're craving!
  15. i like the paddy better..