which red bag would you choose?

  1. I want/need a red bag, and since Chloe is my favorite designer, I'm thinking I should pick a Chloe. Which style would you choose and why?

    Paddington satchel, leather bay satchel (not quilted Bay), or red Heloise?
  2. Funniest thing - I have already been contemplating this exact dilemma. I am ranking the Heloise as number one for me. I love the non quilted (heck - I'd even take the quilted) red Bay and there is a doozy on Bluefly. The Paddington satchel is pretty to die for as well but I need a variety of styles. Somehow I have never needed multuple Paddies and the two I have are so different from each other. KMS - doesn't one resonate with you more???
  3. Div, can I tell you, I think we have really similar taste in bags?:p

    I think the red Bay on Bluefly is the one I like the most. I never, ever thought I liked the Bay, but I saw one in red at Bloomingdales tonight (for 30% off no less!) and it was really calling to me.

    That said, I think the heloise is stunning....but I think I like her better in black! Though I *want* to like her in red... does that make any sense?:confused1:
  4. It looks like you made your decision KMSNYC!

    Which red one on bluefly do you like?
  5. I say wait....you can get it for cheaper than 30% off!
  6. If you don't love the Heloise in red, go for one of the others. The red Heloise will likely not go on sale, ever, but the black and brown should. Maybe as soon as after Christmas. I'd go for the bay, and if you think you can, wait it out.
  7. The problem all of us collectors face is whether or not to go with the one you THINK you have designated as your Holy Grail or to be impulsive and buy a quirky good deal that suddenly pops up. Those impulse buys usually turn out to be favorites and you never would have expected it. I never had any "feelings" towards Bays or even Heloises for MONTHS but then.... And sometimes the Holy Grails start to feel like 'duty' bags - gotta have them as some sort of logical way of shopping and thinking. BORing...

    For many months I had been craving a patent domed capsule Paddy satchel in black. I know this purse would be fabulous for me - no question. But instead I have picked up a large capsule tote and now a black Heloise. Had I ignored these I could have easily sprung for a full price patent. What the he##? It would be insanity to have ALL these bags - wouldn't it? (Gulp - preaching to the choir...)

    Okay - so the red Heloise has morphed into a Holy Grail. Does it need to be red? There is no question that I will get a red bag eventually - but which one? A year ago susie and I never even looked at Ediths. And look at us now!
  8. Hello??? Can we divert to the that quirky twist handled Bay that Sacoche has in Epice! It's edgy/cool plus it's in RED! Only a mear 800 some odd dollars (I may add).

    As God is my witness, I'll go on the record and state that this very bag is totally "drool worthy" IRL....Okay I haven't seen it IRL but I'm sticking my neck out there? (please don't chop it off)....

    Let's step back and delve into the archives of our Chloe blog history. I even started a post presenting this new Heloise. I did it with all for the intent and purposes to ridicule this bag's appearance. We all thought the braided handle was a joke and confusing, since the braids only went up partially on the sides of the handle?

    Now we're acting like a bunch of 14 year old boys staring at our very first Playboy magazine concerning this bag.

    Yes I talking big, you don't see me ordering this new bizaar Bay. BUT had I not bought my red Edith I would be all over this quirky Purse.:boxing: It's one of those Sacoche cool bargains!!!!!!:yes:

    Listen I bought my chained handled patent Betty on a fluke because the price was really good and I so love that bag. This Bay can have the same impact.:shame:

  9. Hi KMSNYC!
    I would go for the not quilted bay... a new love for me too!!!
    I'm thinking about it, but I have to wait until the end of the year.
    Second (but I saw it IR and it's GORGEOUS!!) the Heloise.
    Just my opinion;)
    Good luck!!!
  10. hi - I've been wanting a red bag too and saw the Bay on Bluefly. I've never seen it IRL - is it a new color? Can Bluefly be trusted? thanks ladies!
  11. I saw it IRL at Bloomingdales last night and fell in love with it. It's a really pretty shade of red that just works so well with that style.

    In my experience with them, Bluefly is trustworthy. Also, they have a good return policy as long as you keep the tags on the bag.

    I think you can probably find the red bay for less than Bluefly though... the one at Bloomingdales in NYC was 30% off.
  12. I love the red Heloise. I didn't like them at first when I saw them online, but in the store... yum. Of course, I already have one red Edith and a grenat Paddy, so I'm not in the market for another red bag... yet.

    That said, I think that Bay is really pretty. The leather on the non-quilted Bays is really gorgeous - so soft and light. Almost like Balenciaga leather, but not as distressed, you know? It's really a lovely bag.

    I'm such an enabler, KMSNYC! Go get it (if you haven't already)! :nuts:
  13. Wow that really is a hard decision, they are ALL so lovely! I am really into the Bay right now, but I think the Heloise is simply to die for! I would choose the Heloise first, Bay second, and Paddy third. But really, when picking out a red Chloe bag, there's no way you can loose!
  14. :yes:PLEASE VOTE:

    If you could have and regularly use ONLY ONE Chloe bag and it had to be RED, in terms of *timelessness* which one of the following would you choose?

    1. Rouge Heloise or 2. Rouge Quilted Bay,

    3. Rouge '06 Paddy or 4. Grenat '05 Paddy

    ... and WHY? TIA!:yes:

    1. Rouge Heloise

    2. Rouge Quilted Bay

    3. Rouge '06 Paddy

    4. Grenat '05 Paddy